(Photos are Tracie's, used with her permission
as I could not take such a pretty photo)

One of the truly lovely blogs I visit every day is Tracie Huskamp's,
The Red Door Studio.

Recently she had a gift away and drew names from those of us who shopped in her Etsy botique. I had been shopping and purchased her stunning little book with her very own poetry and artwork.

OH MY!! when it arrived I knew I had to have another for a gift.

Lucky, lucky ME!!

Well, my name was picked!!!!
and this BEAUTIFUL...JOY banner arrived at my desk
(which certainly brought joy to my day)

The photo does not really show you how glittery the letters are,
or the delicate and so precious ribbon on the sides to hold it up.

I am so loving this gift from Tracie and everyone who knows this beautiful spirit could more than likely tell you stories of her generous heart and the depth of her talent.

If you've not had the pleasure of spending time at The Red Door Studio,
make a cup of tea or coffee...sit down and ENJOY!


dogfaeriex5 said...

dont you just love tracie, she is so awesome!! and i am jealous!!
love you!

kecia said...

congrats! what a lovely prize! you deserve it! saw your little article in Paper Whimsy's e-newsletter - very cool!