Oh how I love this time of year
I feel enabled to bring out all my glitter and have at it.
Well, I guess I do that all year, but this time of year I feel especially DRIVEN
to glitter everything!

And it always bring to mind the year I added glitter to the store bought, snowman Christmas cards that went out as they seemed so lacking.
The ONE person who understood was Ryan.
I will never, ever forget his words each and every time I glitz something up.

"Don't you know, Dad, girls love glitter?!"

So here is a little angel I created with a Paper Whimsy face,
a Zetti rubber stamp,
white feather wings from Michaels,
and gold metal crown from....hmmmmmmm....I don't know where.
(update-crown from Artchix , thanks Lori!!)

It's an "Angel" kind of day.

Go here to see some stunning angels
being created by a dear friend.
Sharon's work will take your breath away.


Lori said...

Rella, your angel is so very sweet...i love her dress...crown from artchix studio?

kecia said...

love your angel - she's pretty darn cool! how are you doing?

Sharon said...

Yes didn't we have an "Angel" kind of day. You are so sweet to give me a shout out. I love ya Rella.
Your angel is so sweet adn glittery. Did you make a bunch?

Anonymous said...

Cindy Rella: LOVEZZZZZ that Angel. Her wings are just dreamy! We got those crowns at Studio Blackbird....same place where they sell the Invoke Arts rubber stamps. Remember???
Audra Mae

red tin heart said...

Love the angel. it is awesome. xoxo Nita