The normally blue sky turned ugly yesterday and if I didn't know better I would swear
I was not living in the desert.

I needed my umbrella and amazingly I knew where to find it.
More amazingly it had not fallen apart as many others have over the years from little moisture and high temps.

We lose many umbrellas here.

Either the wind that accompanies the rain blows them inside out rendering them flying weapons, or they just fall apart from lack of use and triple digits numbers every summer because I cannot remember to take it out of the garage and store inside in the closet.

24+ hours was still raining.
Most here just love it.

And that leads me to the first fire of this winter season. The temps dropped and finally I can have a fire.

You know who has not seen this phenomenon in her young life.

So I will let the photos tell the story.


Lori said...

Miss M looks very sweet enjoying her warm spot in front of the fire:)

Maija said...

WONDERFUL photos of Miss Kitty enjoying the warmth of the fire. We haven't had our first yet - probably tonight!

Sharon said...

She figured it out real quick. I'm trying to discover if you burn real wood or is it a not real wood. I didn't even notice yesterday.
I'm off to paint angels.