Another finished project

A few years ago, my dearest friend, Lynnie, sent me a postcard.
One of many over the years.

It was a Christmas PC with this Catherine Moore image and little tags that said "PEACE".

Well, I love, love, loved it.
So much so that I attached it to the front of my daily planner that year so I could look at it every day.

Thank you, Lynnie.
For that post card and
all the gorgeous art you have sent me over the years.
I am surrounded by it in my nest.

So, this weekend, I wanted to make a Holiday post card.
Out came my cold press 140 lb. watercolor postcards.
First I adhered snippets of paper and paper hearts cut from magazines with my paper punch.
Using the same paints as I used on the wooden bird (see post below), I then color washed the whole thing.

Once happy with the color combo, I adhered the already printed letter tags, the Catherine Moore image I colored with my Prisma pencils...and added a golden washed 'halo' from a stamped image from Stampers Anonymous.

A few white pigment stamped stars...then edged the whole thing with navy blue ink to finish the edges.

It's deliciously rich in color and when I take it to be copied at KINKO's for my Holiday postcards I know the richness might be lost in translation, but I am crossing my fingers........

Now to get my address list ready.

I am determined to get these out in plenty of time this year.

If not, well, I might be able to use them

as Valentines
good thinking!!!


red tin heart said...

beautiful! everything about is simply pretty. xoxo nita

sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

love all the projects you have posted in the past few days! I really appreciate you stepping us through the process too. Really helps in doing my own projects to learn from others.

Rosa said...

The colors are brilliant and I hope you don't lose a single speck of color. They are beautiful.

Lori said...

Rella, your cards are beautiful!!!

Sharon said...

I dashed through here last night and was so exhausted that I knew I couldn't say anything that would make sense. Had to come back first thing this AM. This Christmas/Valentine card is just so wonderful. What a great Idea to take them to Kinko's. The will come out beautiful. I know everyone will love getting them from such a special person.

Sharon said...

Hey you know what? You are really onto something. If you don't get all your list mailed ....or if you forgot somebody...on accident of course, well then, Valentine Day being right around the corner you can finish the list.
You knew that. Maybe I didn't get as much rest as I thought.
What I'm trying to say is we all need to make Christmas/Valentine cards.