I've held off on sharing this project because it's hard to give a tutorial
And it's also very, very personal.
I don't mean that in a way that it's
so personal to me that I cannot share, but rather, it's a form of painting
or creating that comes from within YOU and it is, therefore, very personal.

So I will share how to go about it.

I 'put everything away' in my head. Work, troubles, fear, disappointment.
(Some days this is not possible and this type of art waits.)

I play music that reaches deep inside. We all have those pieces of music that open our
hearts and spirit.

I wet down my piece of paper (I use 140 lb cold pressed water color paper. This is postcard size), and without preconceived ideas of what this will become
I choose a color and begin a wash. That is the primary color. I then choose another color and
add it with total freedom. Maybe a third....totally free and allowing.

Next I touch it with my fingers which removes some of the paint and leave impressions.


Next, put it between something to lay flat and dry. I use our crazy big phone books that I never reference. (I love when 'they' come and drop those heavy hitters off at the door)

After a few hours........or days........when it's time to art again.
Take your piece out with an open mind and heart.
At first or second glance you will see what was created with the soul of the artist that we all are.
Something deep and unspoken.
Something that may touch another's life. Something very personal.

Now you can take a pencil or gel pen and outline what you see to make it 'pop' And you are done.

When I first took this piece I saw the angel immediately. Clear as day. The head, face, wings within the sky.
It takes your breath away, really. Trust me on that.

I took my pencil and gently outlined and then took my white, Japanese, uni-ball Signa pen out and ever so gently re-outlined and then added a few stars.
Because, she is the Star Keeper.

written on the back:

At twilight, moments before the Sun's appearance, Star Keeper Angel gathers every twinkling gem and places them in the folds of her gown. Guarding them until night falls once again.

I may have to spray her with a fixative to protect her mail journey

I encourage you to give this a try.
It's a beautiful experience


Rosa said...

It shows. The muted colors lovely.

red tin heart said...

this is neat. i love it that you saw the angel. xoxo nita

Sharon said...

Sooooo enchanting...."star keeper"
love that
I will try this just as soon as I get 24 or 36 of those little birdies done.

Lori said...

so ethereal, and soft...like a sweet dream...your angel is lovely Rella...

Cindy Dean said...


Jamie said...

I can't wait to try this Rella and I feel so very blessed to have won your sweet house. Thank you, Thank you! Your words have moved me this morning. Thank you sweetie! Love, Jamie

red tin heart said...

i keep coming back to the angel... xoxo nita

sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

Fabulous Piece.