O.K. I am not one to face an addiction alone.

I am TOTALLY addicted to THIS.

Anyone who spends any amount of time with me has come to understand that water is right up there in my book of 'must haves.' Distilled water most of the time.

This incredibly refreshing bottled water is outrageous. Put it in the freezer for a bit and let it ice just a tad. Holy Moly, talk about heaven. Retail the 16+oz bottle is about $1.59 and probably a bit more in the trendier, gourmet shops. (Those in the area would instantly think A.J's - another fav) I have not tried all four yet, but the Lemon Mint and Orange Mint are superb.

I am thinking I will have a case just delivered to the house.....or better yet, arrange to have it at the cafe.......and then raid the storage room. :)

So my bloggie friends, if you've not experienced it yet, take my advice and give it a go.

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