I just love little art mirrors and they may just become yet another thing I have to collect!
So I had to have some made with my own art and what better piece to select than my very favorite piece that now graces the banner here on my blog!

Along the bottom one of my favorite sayings:
"If you believe it you will see it"

At just 2.25" this wonderful little mirror takes up very little space but allows you to carry a bit of art in your pocket or purse AND check to make sure your lip gloss goes on straight or
horror of all horrors - your luncheon is not lingering between those pearly whites.

I send them off in organza pouches with one of my Moo cards attached.

A lot of fun!!


Sharon said...

Art mirror is new to me. Think I like this. Of course she is such a cutie.

Julie H said...

Beautiful mirrors, and I lvoe the picture of your lovely cat below.

Kahshe Cottager said...

Love the mirror! I hope your eyelashes are still intact and you are a little cooler now ... Ms. M sure looks like she is managing!

Cindy Dean said...

Very Cute!

Maija said...

Well dear Rella,
I went right over to your etsy to buy one and they are all gone!! Please let me know when you list sone again!
Needless to say, I love it. Something pretty and practical!