I must share some loveliness and a wonderful e-bay seller with you. I came across Michelle Bowen's 'The Purple Iris Collection' last week. It began with a sweet cottage type clock.

It reminded me of something from childhood and I thought perhaps I should bid. I could not go crazy with bidding at this point as finances would just not allow so I took a chance with the first bid and crossed my fingers. Lo and behold, it was meant to be mine. Transaction complete I figured the next thing would be I'd find it at my door within a week. Well, the first thing that happened is I got the sweetest note from Michelle thanking me for purchasing and telling me that if for any reason I did not like my clock it was absolutely guaranteed money refunded no questions asked. It was the sweetest note ever. I've certainly not received anything like that in the 9 years or so that I've been active in e-bay.

Then, I come home to a sweet package at my door. Opening it up was a delight in and of itself.

This is my first view of the gorgeousness inside the box!!

It felt too pretty to disturb and I prolonged the process as long as possible

This lovely $2.00 off shipping on a future (is there any doubt?) purchase

A beautiful, personal note to me

And finally, the object of my affection!!
Is this not the most luscious clock for a girl, ever??
I love the sweet little ticking I hear when I walk past it.

So, I am recommending, with the highest of recommendations, Ms. Michele Bowan for the lovliest of cottage-type artifacts, beautiful packaging, lovely lady.


kathywas said...

Ok, I have to admit, after reading your wonderful recommendation and seeing the absolutely BEAUTIFUL clock that you purchased from Michele, I have to say that I ran right over to EBAY to see what other goodies she had to offer. I'm afraid to see what damage I might do when she returns from her shopping trip!

Kahshe Cottager said...


Judy Wise said...

The clock is a beautiful find and Michele is a consummate business woman. This attention to detail is such a bringer of joy ... I'm taking lessons here.

And HI Rella, I'm glad to meet you. (going back to enjoy your blog some more)

The Purple Iris Collection said...

Greetings my friend Cindy!

Imagine my surprise when I received your beautiful email! Your
blog spot is amazing!! I was so overjoyed when I read your blog. I felt like a star!! lol!

I can't thank you enough Cindy
for your kind words, your lovely blog about my shop and how I present my items really made me feel special.

I love my customers and imagine what they must see when they open their package. It's essential that I know you're pleased with everything.

Whenever I personally receive a package, I get a cup of coffee, a snack, then take my time opening up my goodies. I think there are many women out there like you and me, that get excited when a box arrives.

This clock has found the perfect home! To know you love this clock as you do warms my heart~

Thank you Cindy, I hope you can visit my shop again soon, and please don't be a stranger, you don't have to purchase from me to keep in touch. I'd love to hear how you are doing from time to time.

Warmest Regards to you Cindy,