Tonight as I settle in to my nest and review the day, I can't help but smile over the antics of this hysterical kitten, Morgan. I tried typing on my laptop at the couch but Ms. Nosey Pants kept jumping up and putting her paws on the keys and batting at the screen. So I would scoop her up with my left hand and try to type with only the right...except she is a squiggly-wiggly and that didn't work! Then I mixed up a batch of cream cheese frosting for cupcakes I will bake tomorrow and thinking she was off playing with the 50 or so toys spread all over the living room, I almost tripped over her because she was down on the floor between my feet looking up at the racket the mixer was making. She is a curious kitty for sure........and getting more beautiful each day!! This was one of her rare moments of calmness; but you can tell she won't be still for long.

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Lisa Gallup said...

Ahhhhh!!! I want a kitty!!!! Morgan is so beautiful! I need an animal that I can hold in my arms!! The St. Bernard just doesn't cut it! roflol