OH MY!!! Can I just say I am overwhelmed with joyousness over the most lovely of gifties today. I arrived home to find a box from Sweet Sister Gina and it just about took my breath away. I want to do justice to the divine morsels Gina sent, so I have snapped a bzillion pictures and will go through them tomorrow and post an array that will just delight you. I am not purposely teasing, I am just weary from Monday-back-to-work malaise and simply must shut this computer down and let the twinkle of my faerie tree put me to sleep.

Oh.......and I have decided what I am going to put up for the FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY GIFT AWAY...................but that will be here for you to see on Saturday with the drawing on the 24th.

Goodnight dear bloggies........goodnight my little bird.......goodnight ry....goodnight joel.


Jes said...

OH! But you are teasing naughty girl! I love to peek at goodies and treats!


Rella said... I have your e-mail addy?