It's been quiet here in Faerieluna. While I have been busy with work and the addition of Morgan, I just have been in a quiet, reflective mode. Some personal things have kept me preoccupied, along with a couple art projects that had deadlines. I had a few e-mails from friends wondering where I was and so with a few days off from the office I am trying to catch up.

I noticed that June 24th of 06 was my very first post which means I am heading towards the first anniversary of Faerieluna. That is a good reason to celebrate, and celebrate we will. I shall put together something that will be given away, and the drawing will be on June 24th. So I will head into the thought process and once decided, I will let you know.

In the meantime, here is something I put together for an art doll round robin that I am in. Her name is Lexi and she will visit with four other artists over the next several months. When she returns home I imagine she will be glitzed and arted up in a most delightful way. I will be sure to share it here when she returns home.

LEXI before she heads out on her journey

Fashioned from a wooden cabinet from Michael's painted with Lumiere Olive Green paint, head is Paper Whimsy image on fabric, hair created from silk fusion fabric bits. Her "arms" are of dyed silk ribbon with rusted clips for hands.

As you can see there is a shelf inside with room for lots of additions from fellow artists. The hardest part of creating this art doll was stopping. You know what difficulty I have with that, so having to stop well before she is done was, well, almost painful!! But I am not going to do anything else (I promise) except create a little book to go along on the journey for the artists to sign and embellish. It's hard to even look at her because I just want to add a little something more. So I am going to box her up and send her on her way with an open heart. I have no expectations of how she will develop. I give up control (hard to do) and just allow my art friends to have fun. Lexi will not be back until sometime in the Fall and once home, I will share her with you here.


Pattio said...

Lexi is wonderful! Good on you for stopping. LOL I know I would be the same as you. I look forward to seeing the additions. but now I have to wait till fall? Aaaaaah!

Big hugs Pattio

greeting cards said...

Just discovered your blog. Lexi is great and so is the Naughty little Faerie. I love your work and cant wait to read more. Thanks for sharing.

kathywas said...

Your doll is so cute, and I see so many possibilities for adding to her by the other members in the Round Robin. I'm sorry now that I didn't sign up to play in this one. For some reason, I thought that it was going to be more of a paperdoll sort of thing. Had I known that it was going to be cool assemblages like this one, I would have jumped at the chance! I know that you will be anxious to get her back home at the end and see all of her new "outfits"!

Dianne said...

Wow this is a great project and I can relate not being able to stop.
Well ita a great begining..