Olivia has come to visit Zu, and as always, she brings her dear friend another lovely for her nest. The two have been friends for many lives, and my understanding is the first of which they were both dragonflies. Blue Dashers, to be exact, living their short lives somewhere right here in Arizona. This is why Olivia has gifted Zu with her second dragonfly. It's a sweet reminder of when they first became kindred spirits many, many, lives ago.

Olivia (this lifetime) began as a blank Obitsu doll, fully ball jointed. I was fortunate enough to come upon her, paint her eyes and lips, fashion her hair lock by lock from gorgeous auburn mohair and dress her. It was then that I learned the story of her and Zu. Ever so softly, her found voice barely a whisper, she talked to me for days of the adventures she and Zu have shared; all the while thanking me for taking her in and reuniting her with her beloved friend.

I have no idea how long she will stay and it matters little when you consider the history of these two kindred spirits together in MY nest.


miss*R said...

I think they sometimes visit me - as dragonflies! I am sure of it - I see them flitting about in my garden..... such friendships I crave - I am like Ann from green gables - I have always wanted a bosom buddy - but it has eluded me in this lifetime. thankyou for balm for my soul through your blog xoxo
sometimes, when I read here, I cry with tears of familiarity - it is as if it is part of my life but hidden still, behind a veil.. does that make sense?

zUzU said...

=^..^= Oh!

This is wonderful ... I adore this story of friendship beyond this life past and forever onward. Miss Rella, you touch our hearts so.

And the Prince Zu, he has a penchant for befriending redheads does he? ::giggle:: Golden crowns and blue dashers ... oh my. I have a new understanding of the late afternoons & evenings near the pond in my garden ... Where it is often noted the dragonflies gather for dancing.

I will look closely to see if you are with them next time I wander there.

Please, do tell us more.
=^..^= love, zU

dogfaeriex5 said...

oh my faerie rella,
she is beautiful! you do marvelous work, my dear...

Patti G. said...

I see the nest Rella and it takes me to a special place! I just want to get a nest here and begin a story of my own! :0)

plongstocking said...

OMG! I have the same crow! he sits at my craft table and watches me with his bright black eyes while I work on my beading. I love him. He's so old, he's starting to molt- he was a gift. where did you get him? I would love to get a companion for him.

LisaOceandreamer said...

How enchanting this story is, how enchanting Olivia and Zu are, how enchanting YOU are!

bockel24 said...

Rella, I´ve finally found your blog and love your nests and crowned crow - thanks for commenting mine!