O.K.....so I've been 'out of the loop' so-to-speak when it comes to shopping for some of the basic items of every day life...and I admit that has been for the last three years, yes, THREE years. If I stopped right here, I'm sure you would all be thinking "how is this possible that this gal has not shopped for the basics in three years??????!!!" I certainly would be sitting here wide-eyed with wonder! So I will quickly explain that since opening the cafe three years ago, all I've had to do when in need of garbage bags, toilet paper, AND paper towels is walk to the garage (AKA Cafe Warehouse) and pull it from the huge stock that my partner would weekly stock from his arduous shopping adventure. Paper goods....go to the garage.......coffee.......brought home from cafe....you get the picture. He eats there...I eat at the office....don't need much here at the nest. I hate shopping. Evidently I don't HAVE to. I am spoiled. O.K. you have the picture. So now that we've opened a larger cafe there is storage room there and the garage is starting to look like a garage. Sort of... and I now have to ...big sigh....shop. Eeeeesh. I can hardly type it never mind DO it.
Fast forward now to my little shopping trip last night and picture me, in a daze, walking through the paper goods isle in such amazement. So much has changed!! WHEN DID PAPER TOWELS GET SO DARN PRECIOUS??!! I typically want only white paper towels, toilet paper, etc. ; but who can resist (great marketing!) these whimsical delights??

Well, not THIS girl. I have three years to make up for!!!


miss*R said...

are they paper towels? with the teacups? ooh how sweet! are they like napkins? (or serviettes as we call them here!)
oh & I emailed you again xoxo

longnecklady said...

Your a gimic queen just like me.



Tammy said...

my favorite papertowel design!!

LisaOceandreamer said...

How sweet....giddy over paper towel...actually I've never seen tea cups on them. What brand are they?