As I begin the ritual of preparing for sleep and deciding what I will meditate on tonight cozied up here in my nest, twinkle lights in the ficus tree casting soothing and soft shadows against the wall and ceiling, the shooshing of my 'white noise' machine already on; the thought that continues to flutter to the forefront of my brain is that more often than not I wake up with a song playing in my head. There have been nights that I awaken with the tune "playing" in my head as I get up for a bit of water or whatever......go back to sleep, and wake up several more times with the same song. There have been funny songs, songs of love, songs of sadness. Most of the time I have forgotten the 'song of my dreams' by mid day. So I've decided two things today. 1. To keep my reading glasses, a pen and a notebook by my bed. 2. Set my alarm 15 minutes ahead of schedule to write down the dream song.......and whatever I can remember of my wild and colorful dreams.

I have always believed that the first thought you have upon waking is important and noteworthy. My "morning thoughts" have given me clarity on an issue I've struggled with, they have guided me in the correct path to take with decision large and small...........morning thoughts are pure and unhampered by a 'noisey mind'. What I am wondering now is whether morning SONGS are equally important.

So dear bloggies: Do you pay attention to the morning thoughts? and do you ever wake with a song already playing in your head?

Sweet Dreams <3


miss*R said...

sometimes, I hear angels singing.
by the way, do you do morning pages, like in the artists way?
I love, love your blog, I truly do. thankyou sweet rella xo

Rella said...

miss*r: the closest I came to the sweetness of what I imagine angels to sound like was a song by one of the Brennan sisters (sister to Enya). I AM sure that the morning I woke up with the song "She's a maniac" was not from the angels. (feel free to insert my crazy laughter at myself and my dream life here) Thank you, miss*r for your note and also for the enjoyment I receive visiting with you. hugs ~ Rella

Maija said...

I love the way you think! I will listen to my thoguhts tomorrow morning!

Melinda, mom of Noah said...

today I woke up thinking "I am on the edge" because I literally was on the edge of my bed! I hope that is not sign as to how my day will progress!

Rella said...

Melinda, and I woke up with the song
playing in my head "I like to live on the edge" that I've heard for a Ford made me laugh and now I'm wodering what 'The Edge' is that both you and I are thinking of today. Very interesting!!!! Rella