Meet the second in my new series of mAgPiE FaErIeS

This is Tulla (Too' la), a Messenger Fae sent by Katra to bring news of her arrival and happiness in her new home.

Tulla is one of the more ancient mAgPiE FaErIeS and has been the 'bringer of notes' from sister faes back and forth for so many decades that even SHE has forgotten when and how it all began. All she knows for certain is that every day, several times a day, her name is carried by the wind and off she must scurry to bring notes of comfort, love, encouragement and sometimes, even gossip.

So here she is today, with a note for ZuZu Magalicious from Katra who arrived just yesterday to the Enchanted Cottage. Her happiness and excitement over her new life (which began with the most delightful of parties) spills out with such magpie chatter on this note that your hands feel tingly just holding it. ZuZu Magalicious (who appears so nonchalant) was truly relieved to receive the news from Katra; and we three agreed that yesterday was an exceedingly good day.

The note from Katra is being held behind Tulla's back and ZuZu has informed me that she will send it off with Tulla to this week's winner. The words of Katra are forever in ZuZu's heart, and she is happy to share this sweet little note with YOU, the next weekly winner-caretaker of the second mAgPiE FaErIe.

Bonne chance!!


Diane Duda said...

ooo i'm first! first is good!

Anonymous said...

Cindy: Such a sumptuous and lovely faerie she is. Tulla, is tooooooo fab!
Audra Mae

Joan Ellis said...

I would love to have come and stay with me!

zUzU said...


Excelent. So THAT is what was going on in the rafters of my studio! All that giggling and whispering had us all wondering!

May Miss Tulla be as happy with her new person as I am with Katra (who spent the morning helping me with the dishes) ... mostly hidding the sugar spoons ::sigh::

Love to you Miss Rella!
=^..^= zU

Angela D said...

:::trying so hard to peek over Miss Tulla's shoulders to take a peek at the hidden note::::

She's simply lovely. Please include my name in your fab drawing.

Have a super Sunday!

Sandi( said...

Being of the Magpie Clan myself, I really love Miss Tulla!!!!!

Beth said...

I'm always up for leaving my name with are just too mcuh fun with all your give-aways !!!

julie g. baxley said...

Oh, I too am such a magpie; love the glitter on the shoes and the bling at Miss Tulla's waist. Do you think she would like to live in the Southwest?

I would love her to make a trek to New Mexico if that's at all possible.

Love your art!

Julie G. Baxley

Rella said...

Diane ~ First is ALWAYS fun!!
And to everyone who kindly visits so regularly...we just love it Zuzu M., Tulla and I. Tulla has mentioned she will be most thrilled to go on another journey and keeps looking over my shoulder to see who all is putting their names in. ZM and she have been chattering away about the possibilities and ZM has given Tulla a few things to pack with her for her journey. They are such friends it seems. I guess that is the way with ancient messenger faeries.