YOUUUUUHOOOOOOOOOO!!! dOGFAERIE........YOUR NAME HAS BEEN PULLED!!! Send your addy on to me and tomorrow morning the Zetti heart will be on it's way.

I will post the newest Gift Away on Saturday bloggie friends. I have something fun up my sleeve....o.k. NOT my sleeve, but you know what I mean.

Hugs <3 Rella


zUzU said...

oh boy oh boy!

It's KIM! =^.*.^=
.:: DaNcE::oF::jOy::

Yippeeeeeeee! How perfect.

Beth said...

I know her...the winner...yeah, for KIM !!!!

dogfaeriex5 said...

i love this and what a way to end a week!! nothing like getting some new art in the mail..thank-you so so so much...my heart is bursting..

zUzU said...

Oh Oh OH! =^..^=

Miss Rella ... My Katra has arrived!!!

Oh with such perfect timing too. Tonight is a party at the cottage ... Of cookies and punch in the studio ... and Miss Katra thinks it is all in honor of her arrival. Well, perhaps it just was meant to be!

She is beautiful ... wonderful ... like nothing I have seen before and I adore her! Thank you!! If I could get her to hold still a moment I could see how she was done ... But alas, she is dancing and flittering about from one place to another learning of everything in her new home.

I must note that something else came in the package with her ... a nibbled piece of chocolate? Mostly just the foil wrapper ... and a chocolate face on Miss Katra (of whom still is insisting it wasn't her that ate the heart.) Ah, all is forgiven as it was a long travel to reach me and chocolate is after all ... Chocolate!

You are a complete dear to have sent me such a treasure (the other little something arrived also and I am still trying to figure out HOW you did that on such a tiny card! It is total yum.)

=^..^= kisses, zU