For miss *r

A Soul Journal would be perfect. Pour yourself into it.
This Angel seems to understand the familiar journey.


Tracey said...

Lovely angel. I enjoy quiet walks in cemeteries and am always searching for interesting headstones...angels are particularly hard to come by around here.

rella said...

Cemetary statuary are my favorite. CT has so many wonderful places, but the Southwest is a different story. I have a few favorites that I hope to transform into Poloroid transfers soon and place in our cafe and maybe even on Etsy. Thank you Tracey for your visit.

Patty said...

The girl statue looks so sad.

miss*R said...

I thankyou, Rella from the bottom of my heart.... I love this angel and yes, she looks sad.... much like my soul sometimes.. I AM going to create my soul journal book.. I just need to get an idea on where to start.. but its coming to the surface :)
oh and thankyou again for the comment on my collage - I have played a little more tonight and it is coming along well :)

Jes said...

Beautiful photo...this whole blog is stunning...I love your art work!

Thanks for joining Studio Works...we can't wait to see some of your lovely photos posted!

ps...i will be back!!!

~Jes Berry