pssst......Patti G...........YOUR NAME HAS BEEN DRAWN

Well Ms. Patty G...........this week's 'Gift Away' is yours!! I will package her up and send this little Encouragement Fae on to continue her mission in life. Enjoy her and thank you, everyone, for visiting, and especially those of you who leave your name.



Patti G. said...

WHAT????RElla really?????? Wheeeeeeeeee! I almost did not see this as I was oogling your mothies!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so tickled!!!!!!!!!
I have a spot for Fae right by my computer so I can see her daily and remember my Dreams have wings!!!! THANK YOU RELLA!!!!!!! Love this!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
Do you need my new addy?? It is in the yahoo group listing, but if you need an email, holler!!!!! Thanks again!!!! Lucky ME!!!!!!!

miss*R said...

ooh I didn't know this was a real giveaway! wow.. you are so sweet.

zUzU said...

How lucky is Miss Patti! =^..^=

I know up close and personal how wonderful one of Miss Rella's treasures are when they arrive! And this one does indeed look yummy. (I am intrigued by the fact your encoragement faerie can stand on her own ... Goes rather well with the subject this little fae announces, no?)

Rella, this is a delightfully creative series. I am looking forward to each new piece as they appear!

Miss Katra is behaving rather well as of late, so I can without hesitation most highly recommend your little faeires to any and all that stop by. I must encourage all to try and convince one of them to come stay ...

May I ask ... Where do you find the butterfly wings? The ones on this little encoragement fae really are amazing. (I have a thing for moths and butterflies ... have them painted on the walls and shades in my studio :o)

I really don't know of the paper sources out there ... I guess I should! The Speckled Egg (heather) has some very beautiful things ...

Anyway I am lusting after this beautiful fae that Patti has won. Such a charmer!

=^..^= love, zU

Melinda, mom of Noah said...

wow I love this one!

Patti G. said...

The sweet fairy came today to my house! Ohhhhhhhh she has already found a nesting place too.....but I have a feeling she may venture ALL over the house looking to surprise me in my daily activities with her breath of happiness!!! THANK YOU RELLA!!!!!

One Crabapple said...

Congratulations PATTY!

Yayyyy !