They are everywhere...hearts. I've seen the most magnificent heart shaped clouds, way more heart shaped potato chips than I should ever admit to, beautiful heart shaped puddles that made me smile before I cleaned them up (heart shaped cactus :) :) :).... You name it, I've seemed to have found it in a heart shape.

A few years ago when I spent every day at the cafe, it seemed I found heart rocks on a regular basis. This is what is left of the collection. You see, I displayed them on a rack in the bathroom to bring a smile to those that paid attention...and many did. In fact, some of my collection disappeared as evidently a few people felt they could just take them. And really, when you think of it, that is pretty much what I had done when I picked them up off the ground, right? So it was hard to be upset when my collection disappeared a little at a time. My most favorite of all was a deep gray, very smooth stone about two inches across. Perhaps I should have kept that one safely at home as that was the first one to leave, but I have hoped that where ever it is they love it as much as I did.

What you see above is what I have left and I share them with you today and encourage you to be on the look out for them, because once you open your eyes and really look and EXPECT them the more often they appear. It's all pretty amazing.

What the heart believes, the eyes see. Someone pretty amazing said that to me once and I have all too often forgotten it.

Happy Valentine's Day my dear bloggies........on every coast, in many states, and many lands. Let me know when you next find a <3

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