I thought I'd share with you a little house that's been in the making for a while. It began with a little wooden house from Michaels. It's about 4 inches. The walls of the house are painted with three different shades of green with a bit of pink/purple dabbed here and there. The roof shingles are a combination of green base with more pink and purple shades to give it as much depth and interest as possible. I've collaged on a little faerie, music paper and a cardinal. Today I added some greenery and flowers along with the paper hummingbird. This is far from done, but as with most projects, it's an ongoing process that I have to look at every day and just let it happen. To photograph it I placed it on one of my favorite twig faerie chairs that I think I got at Michaels years ago. I've had it so long I have forgotten the details...but I have loved it since I first laid eyes on it.

So after cleaning today like a crazy woman, I fiddled a bit with this wee house and just wanted to share it with you. It just makes me smile. Now I will say goodbye to the weekend, blessed hours at home, and prepare for the work week. That which allows me to have this nest, and the little creature comforts that can be taken for granted (electricity, water, gas in the car..... :) :) )


dogfaeriex5 said...

i love this, looks wonderful, i love nests and birdhouses and anything nature in the realm of the faerie world...

Anonymous said...

Cindy Rella: Your birdhouse is so sweet. Maybe faeries with live in it instead of birds! Better keep and eye on ZuZu Mags. She may want to glitz it up and take over!!
Funny, I just this morning bought 2 very tiny wooden birdhouses. One is round! They are about 3 inches tall. Sooooo cute!
Lovezzzzzzzzz ya,
Audra Mae

Beth said...

THIS is great !!
I love the's so neat how it looks like it's really flying !!! And I love your honesty on walking away and coming back...I do that all the time !!!

zUzU said...

Faerie Houses! =^..^=

I adore faerie houses (if you've ever looked at my ebay ME page then you already know this ::giggle::)

This tiny home-nest of yours is a wonderful one ... Or perhaps it is only your little one is helping Mrs. Bird with her recently hatched egglings? And not his nest at all?

Whichever it is ... It's beautiful. I like this scene of it sitting in the chair ... They go very well together. Like maybe it was built in the forest just this way.

Does it open?

Very YOU Miss Rella.
=^..^= love, zU

Anonymous said...

Rella...these houses are gorgeous. I have been playing around with some little bird houses but they aren't coming out like what i am picturing in my mind :o) Yours are sooooooo beautiful.

Ruth Rae said...

Your Faire house is outstanding!
it makes me want to grow wings and move in :)

Maija said...

And such a beautiful house, Rella!