WOOOHOOOOO!!! ThIs wEeK's wInNeR......

Maija's name was drawn today :) and here is the cool thing...she is an Arizonian!!! Wooohoooo!! So, Maija, dear, e-mail me with your snail addy and I will pop this little gem in the mail Monday morning.

And Bloggie friends, if you have not "met" Maija, go on over and enjoy her very cool blog
  • Maigirlz Madness
  • and you will feel like you've always known her as her genuine spirit comes through and her art is awesome. I met Maija, oh so briefly, when we were grabbing lunch at Whole Foods in Phoenix in between classes at Art Unraveled. I was "lunching" with 'The Two Lynnies' :) :) :) and Maija was passing by. Lynnie A. (or maybe I should say Lynnie #1) had met Maija before at another artfest, and she introduced us. Brief encounters of the BEST kind!!


    tina's space said...

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Congrats to Maija.
    Let me have your addy via email and I will drop that atc in the mail. thanks for trading. it is sooooo much fun.

    Jill said...

    Oh drat! I missed it! But I am so happy for Miss Maija, though! I have also had the pleasure of meeting her and she is something special.
    Maybe I can play next time....will there be a next time?????

    Rella said...

    Yes, Jill, there is a Santa...er, I mean, next time. :) and please come back and enter your name in that post.

    Maija said...

    Lucky me!!! I received the wonderful ATc in the mail, inside a most gorgeous card! Thank you Rella!