My most favorite of all are paper dolls,
particularly faerie dolls. (Of course!) 

I don't know what it is about these one dimensional dolls, 
but I have loved them since I was quite little.
I remember not only the card board types with tabs
on the clothing you would fold over to keep on the doll..

but the sets you could get with those thin, 
plastic "stick to stuff" clothes. 


I date myself, but that is of no concern. 

So, as an adult I would collect the Mary Englebreit magazines mostly for the paper doll that was always included in the back. 

They have names like 'Audrey Ann' (Oct/Nov 2004) and would be so adorable with little pets and accessories.

Well, fast forward to NOW. 
I enjoy making and collecting all sorts of paper dolls 
and here in my 'StUdIo wItH a bEd' 
I have several gathered around me from art friends 
from all over the country. 

The ones I tend to create now are not usually cute. 
They may have unusual body parts. 
They may even have disproportionate heads.
But what they DO have is personality, 
whimsy, and perhaps even an attitude.

Meet the first in my new series of mAgPiE FaErIeS:

Zuzu Magalicious watches over them 
and tries valiantly to keep them in line; 
but as I mentioned, they often have attitudes and certainly DO NOT follow rules. 
(This makes them near and dear to my heart) 

This is Katra (kaytra) who has been trying 
ever so hard to weasel her way into Zuzu's nest 
and make it her own. 

Don't let that little smile fool you.
Look closely and you will see it's a rather mischievous smirk.

Zuzu Magalicious is losing patience with her today 
and has been pestering me all day to get on the 
'puter and start the process of gifting this little knat 
(Zuzu's words, not mine) 
before she goes stark raving mad.
I'm laughing (to myself) about this, but I know that if 'Z' has one of her fits, there will be no rest for me as the distance from her nest to my bed is barely a hop for her.

From the tip of her glittered crown to the equally glittered toe, Katra stands 7". 
She is jointed, and her crown and wings 
are made from the stash of mixed media madness paper I've made. 
Her complete backside is decorated and signed and as you can see, she holds her very own magpie.
(how I love my cutter bee scissors when cutting such teeny, tiny things!!)

With that being said my Bloggie friends, enter your name 
(if you dare) 
for the chance of becoming the new foster mom to Katra. 

Zuzu Magalicious will send her personal thanks she has informed me.

Bonne Chance!


zUzU said...

Oh! =^..^=
Are you kidding me?



How much better could it get?
OH! I see now it DOES get even better!


... There is a tiny crowned zuzu magalicious
right there on her arm ... ::ahem:: helping
(as magpies do ...)

I am summoning the faeries to sprinkle their magic dust this week ... My eyes will be squeezed tightly closed ... and as you draw the name I will be chanting ...

.:: IhopeitsMeIhopeitsMeIhopeitsMeIhopeitsMe ::.

Your beautiful little faerie doll would be most welcomed here ... forever.

=^..^= hugs,
love ... the other zUzU

Angela D said...

your doll is beautiful. thanks for allowing her to go out in the world and into the arms of a new mommy. :::crossing my fingers:::

Rella said...

zUzU & Angela ~ thanks for visiting and leaving such nice notes. With all the visitors that have come by, you are the only two so far that appear to be willing to take Katra "on"... LOLOLOLOLOL. ATC's vs. paper doll...an interesting study of preference don't you think?
hugs ~ Rella

Joan said...

Rella, I think I could handle Katra if she were chosen to come my way!

Beazers said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Paper dolls. I'm such a kid at heart. I like pretty paper dolls and strange ones. I love how yours have the arm and legs moving. Very cool. :)Bea at Doginthehole@aol.com

Beth said...

OMG....I'm not sure which I love more...the doll or the story. You are so creative and fun and by the way...you did not age yourself at all, as I knew exactly what you were talking about !!!
So again, I'm thrilled to be in the running for one of your creations !!!! Yippee !!!

Patti Gramza said...

Rella, My home will be happy to have another faery girl to entertain me in the moments of quiet!!!!
:0) She is beautiful!!! As is your story!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Rella: Katra would be very much at home in my house......There are many faeries, cats, dogs, birdies, etc. for her to be amused by. She would never be lonely and would have lots of pals to get into mischeif with!!! I'd lovezzzzzzzzzz to have her here!!!
Audra Mae

eb said...

Oh my - could I enter my name in this wonderful venture? - We have had fairies living with us now for some time and have room for more - do come visit to see if this is a suitable environment - xox - eb.

dogfaeriex5 said...

how can i resist!!! i am in..

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is so unique! *dropping my name in the hat* I love anything with harlequin patterns!

Be sure to drop your name at my giveaway too :)

Holly said...

I am sooooooooooo happy that I found your blog. I LOVE it! I too love paper dolls and find myself creating my own in most of my art lately. I love the nostalgic feeling I get when making them. Thank you for sharing. :)

turquoise cro said...

I am the paper doll Queen! I even had the Lennon sisters! Phew! I am old! hehe I would spend hours upon hours upstairs in my room, cutting, playing, romancing paper dolls, making new ones from magazines, cutting my classmate pics onto their faces! So Please send me Katra! She is amazing and please come over to try and win my little crow! CAW! CAW! hurry because the drawing is tomorrow, probably sometime after Punxsutawney Phil seeeeeeeees or doesn't seeeeeeeee his shadow! xo, Cinda www.turquoisecro.blogspot.com and check out Phil here!http://www.groundhog.org/faq/

Naturegirl said...

oh these are the best..*count me in* please and seeing that YoU LoVe paper
drop by my gift-a-way!

susan said...

We have quite the menagerie in our home...but we do seem to be missing a farie. Katra would be welcomed with open arms.

Anonymous said...

I love your page and your precious farie. I would love to put my name. She could come to work with me and cheer up the women at whom I work with. They need lots of inspiration!!!