Created for a Secret Sister Swap in one of my Yahoo Art Groups, this sweet Paper Whimsy image does not exactly look exactly joyous, but she is darling, nonetheless. How I wish I could magically extend the Chrismas time or season for another two months and actually get more things done. Or, more to the point, enjoy it instead of watching it fly by me. Far from the East coast the magic of the holidays is so elusive. My attempts at surrounding myself with the music of Christmas is a small fix. I don't FEEL it. The country houses lit up with candles in the windows and the warmth from inside pouring out, is not something we have here. In fact, you cannot even see inside these homes, really. You mostly see the garage first. No sign of life. I remember taking the time about 4:00p.m. every day and plugging in the almost 20 candles and then the tree. How I loved driving by the house at night, a fairytale standing there at the top of the park. Because we were on a corner, I knew that everyone passing by-coming home from work or wherever-also enjoyed the twinkling of our home. I miss that. It's gorgeous here in Arizona in winter, but it doesn't fill the heart like Connecticut did. Sometimes moving on is a physical accomplishment that is not totally followed by one's spirit all of the time. But there IS joy, and thankfulness that I have wonderful children who are delightful adults and make me so proud to be their mom. Who loved Christmas in Connecticut and still talk about it to this day. My memories are their memories. It's all good.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rella! :)

Thanks for your part in AAO!

You've been tagged!

- Julie

Rande said...

I know exactly how you feel. Grew up in the north, and now I'm in the south. Christmas is the only time I really miss the snow!! Great ATC. Those PW's are really getting around!!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post. It brought back memories of when my family lived in Hawaii for two years--not exactly Christmas-y. But we'd go for long walks and look at Christmas lights anyway. The neighborhood went all out in colorful splendor--sunshine and 95 degrees or not.

Keep Christmas in your heart, right?

Happy holidays,


Izabella said...

LOVE your blog! found it through Jewels site~ I have been missing out on all your lovely art :)

Anonymous said...

Rella...beautiful post and that little girl is darling :o)

christine said...

Awww -- what a face!! Love your ART :) And if you discover a way to extend Christmas time -- let me know!!!