This wee bit of whimsy (yes, I seem to be favoring this one image of Paper Whimsy lately...I MUST move on!!) the challenge was to use the number one in celebration of the one year anniversary of the yahoo group Altered Art Obsesson. We will all make quality copies equal to the number of players and mail in to the hostess. She in turn will make tiny little books out of them and we will receive then a copy of everyone's ATC page. I so love little things (an obsession since I was quite young and worthy of a separate post) that I'm very jazzed about having a tiny book of everyone's art. This piece feels a little more "cutsie" than I like to do, but something just led me to add the kitten and flowers. Her dress is make-shift for sure..a torn piece of mixed media paper and a cut out from another piece of art paper I think I picked up at Michaels a long time ago with words all over it. "One of a Kind" is all over this paper and it came in pink and blue. Legs are Zetti, of course, and wings are cut from butterfly postage. The door is Paper Whimsy. Speaking of which, Gale has recently put out some new images that are just darling and truly no one has such gorgeous image paper.
You really ought to take a look
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    Patti Gramza said...

    hey doll, love your art!!! The most recent sweet fairies are ddddddarling! How are you!?? I hope all things are well and the Holidays are bringing brightness there!! <3 Hugs,Patti

    Anonymous said...

    Rella....this is wonderful. 'cute' didn't come to ming. i would have to say 'fun' and 'whimsical'....love it.

    p.s. i finally got some paper whimsy sheets and i am in love. the quality is like none i have ever seen. hope all is well :o)