In every sense of the word, this WAS a challenge. I was to create a 4x4 collage with images that were sent to me. A "Dream" challenge. Inside the envelope came a stip of sky with clouds, a hand, a chair printed on a transparent sheet, a blue butterfly, a purple door, and flowers. Every which way I arranged, I would always come up with a great design only to discover I had forgotten to include either the chair or the hand. Urrrggghhh...start all over again. This went on and on until I thought I would scream. Then is just became funny and I would talk out loud to myself..."Gosh, it looks great..but where the #$&%#$ am I going to put the chair?!! "How about on the backside?" I was late in the endeavor and so many of my ideas were sort of already done in one way or another. We were able to add elements, and use whatever we wanted as the background, but absolutely HAD to use the ones mailed to us. The background is a piece of mixed media maddness paper I did a few months ago and to the whole composition I added one of my favorite little Paper Whimsy girls and a moon face also from Paper Whimsy. A bit of text, and some torn music paper and black and white ribbon..and there you go!! Geessshhhhh. I actually like it!!!


Gisele said...

Hi Rella, this piece is just beautiful & I agree it was one heck of a challenge fitting in all those elements! Gisele

Lyn Avedikian said...

Cindy: The collage challenge piece came together wonderfully. Love that moon you luna girl!!! I can't believe how deliciously you made all those elements work! I would have been stumped!!
Love also the Kahil Gibran poem (so true all of it) and love the photo of your chicks.
Audra Mae

Anonymous said...

Rella...this is absolutely gorgeous. You made everything look beautiful together and your post was funny to read :o)

Marie said...

What a great piece. You pulled off the challenge decidedly well!!