I received the best present ever this birthday!! All three of my chicks flew in to surprise me.
Joel ~ Ryan ~ Renee
About a month ago I guess the secret plan began, and this past Friday I walked in to the house after work and there they were. I was just blown away and it took several moments for my brain to catch up with my eyes. It's so amazing to embrace them again, have them gathered together with me, laughing and talking. It's been over three years since I've had them all together with me and there was really nothing that could have made me happier. I know without a doubt that this was not easy to pull off and I love so much that they knew what it would mean to me.


Maija said...

I am so happy for you! I can only imagine what an incredible feeling it must be!

Joan said...

Oh, Rella, what a wonderful gift--I am sure that you could think of nothing better than having your brood with you for Thanksgiving! Enjoy every minute of your time together!

Anonymous said...

oh Rella, what a beautiful, special and unforgettable moment that was for you. so happy for you and happy belated birthday.