Where does time go? We all wonder that probably on a daily basis. Having just returned from a quick visit to see my Dad after some health issues he has and IS going through, I am pondering how so many years have escaped. I walked in the woods of my childhood home taking in all the fragrance, the sound of the river and the sparkle of it that delights me still. It's the little things.

Maybe not where my heart is, but the inner child still resides there, and it is THAT voice that speaks the loudest and the one I seem to listen to more often than not.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful post as is the art :o)

toto-too said...

Your blog is simply wonderful; I love your artwork, very inspiring.

I have just found your place and I shall add your link to my place and return often.

have a sunny day!

Maija said...

Isn't it curious how we go home, or spend time in our parents homw and we feel like little girls again? I'm sorry your dad is not well...your family will be in my prayers.

Rella said...

Audrey, Sage, and Maija,
Thank you so much for visiting, and your thoughtful notes, and yes, Maija it's so very curious that when we go home, we are little girls again. Thank you for your prayers for my Dad and family.
~ Cindy (Rella)