I was thinking of night snow and feeling a tug at my heart for the beauty of many Connecticut snowfalls that began during the night. You would walk outside and it was absolutely still. So quiet you could hear the sound of the snow hitting the ground. Magical, a faireland. This piece was created with that feeling and I call it Full Moon~First Snow. This little Luna Moth Fae only comes out to play on the first snow of the winter....she just cannot help herslef.

Full moon and faerie-images from Paper Whimsy
bird and flower cut from Cavallini & Co wrapping paper


Anonymous said...

Cindy...this is gorgeous. The Paper Whimsy image is awesome. I guess i should order some of those images since I always love them when i see them.

Cindy said...

Thanks, Audrey. I absolutely love Paper Whimsy images and Gale is so lovely.

Anne said...

Cindy, I just found you through Audrey's blog and am loving looking at your art!

Full Moon, First Snow is just divine!!

Beautiful art! Thanks for sharing!

Ulla said...

VERY SWEET! I really like how you put the butterfly in front of her face, so unexpected - but it works!

Amber said...

Absolutely gorgeous work! It has a real magical quality...Beautiful!!!
:0) Amber H.