So I guess I gave that darn owl more credit than he deserved. He came back last night and, yes, startled the begeezus (I don't know WHAT begeezus is or even how to spell it, but that is the word necessary for the owl saga) out of me. How I wish I could record the sound he makes to play here. It's downright unearthly!! So, out came the flashlight and off I went. We know the routine. Shine the light in his eyes-he goes away. Hmmmm.......this time not so easy. I swear he stayed just a bit longer and kept looking down at me like he was sizing me up. Perhaps trying to decide if maybe I would be the one to go away this time. Silly owl. AS IF!!!


Marie said...

Wow Lady...lots and LOTS of lovely art on your blog of late. Congrats on the 100 squares, what will you do with them? Put them in a book?
You are going great guns with all the artchix imagery too!
hugs a bunch

Ulla said...

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog today! what kind of owl is haunting you? we have owls every once in a while in our neighborhood too, which really surprizes me as we live in town... there is something really magical about owls! (my favorite is the barn owl, how about you?)

Anonymous said... soon as i saw the post title i started laughing and couldn't wait to read it :o)

kathywas said...

OMG...he's back again, eh?? Well, if he brings a flashlight along next visit to shine in YOUR eyes, then I think it will be time to worry!! Good luck!