A teeny, tiny, ball jointed doll
named Tia
joined us here at Faerieluna
several months ago.

She is a Dream High Studio doll
(named Frezia)
only 2 3/4" tall
and this is how she looked out of the box

I loved her tiny size
and her pale skin tone
but I did not like the black bug eyes
or her cap
or even her wings, really.
 Snow felt the same way.

But I knew she was going to morph 
into something quite darling
with just a little help

I removed some of her blue tint
and gave her a bit of pink blushing 
made new eyes for her
and tiny mohair wig
The last step was to fashion a frock
something wispy and etheral

So here she is
with her new look
Snow introduces her to Cadence
however, Cadence is not as fond of little ones
as Snow is
I love the little defiant look
on Tia's face
It's as if she is saying

click to enlarge to see her expression

Musette and Tia are best of friends.

Perhaps it's because they are both so small
or maybe 
they just come from the same
faerie world...

where skin is alabaster..
and hair is gossamer white...
and you sleep in beds
fashioned from moss and twigs
and acorns
and lay under a delicate blanket of cobweb....

below branches heavy with dew drops.


Willow said...

I am so mesmerized with your creativity. I have adored fairies since a wee child. I now create faulous Fairy gardens on my farm . Soon their hummingbird friends will be returning, the fairies here adore the hummingbirds! :)

Cinderella Moments said...

Wow! What a transformation. You made her look so beautiful! She was already cute as a button. But something was missing. Your eye for detail really transformed her into an exquisite creature! Are you still working on the book?

Rere said...

So excited to order your book, love you Rella.


Rere said...

I am so happy to get your beautiful book!

Love and Hugs to you Rella,