A few photos of Snow

as she gathers the rascally chicks
little bits of pink fluff

 We wish all our family and friends
a  beautiful Easter

Once in a while
her hair flows freely
from the usual braids

 but it is ONLY once in a while

After customizing Snow back in December 2011
I have had a few other girls in pieces
awaiting the carving knife
and artist colors

The past year I have been busy
each weekend sewing dress commisions
for little bjd mice hither and yon

sisters to Musette

Last weekend I finished up the last
of the promised dresses

and closed my commission list
for now...
so that I could work on Blythes

Within in the next few months
you will see a few new faces

new girls

and I am so excited to get back
to what I truly love doing


debi said...

Rella, your little girls are so sweet, and so beautiful!
Wishing you a very Happy Easter. Hugs, Debi

Willow said...

So glad you will have time to work with your true passion again. I look forward to seeing your creations.