Cadence - custom by tinycutething
 This sweet girl returned from Spa recently.

'Spa' is what we call time with a customizer

Cadence began as a stock EBL girl
specifically, a Tea 4 Two
I was gobsmacked over her amazing hair
and truthfully, she was beautiful just as a stock girl.

That being said, I had the opportunity to have Nancy
of tinycutethings in Australia give her a new look.

I got to know Nancy a while ago
when we did a dolly trade.
She is just the sweetest
incredibly talented gal.
Each of us had a stock doll that
the other was in search of.
Easy peasy....

We chatted on and off
as I admired each and every
Blythe Nancy transformed.

When Nancy cleared a spot
on her calendar for Cadence 
to come for Spa time
I was overjoyed.
So off she went.
Well, her head did, anyhow.
(silly to pay more postage
when all that is necessary is a head)
along with a few instructions
on what I was hoping for
and some special eye chips

Cadence - custom by tinycutethings
Nancy created a darling girl for me
and I could not be happier.

I think she is a perfect compliment
to Snow.

Snow - Custom by me

I know.
I'm a grown woman with dolls.
It's a hobby I am not ashamed of
because it's actually several hobbies in one.


And it's the photography that pushes me sometimes
more than anything else.

I DO love to customize, 
but I am EVER so slow at it.
And the collecting part is rather subdued
as I am not one to have too many.
A handful to really enjoy 
and photograph 
is enough.

(**Please be respectful and do not copy my photos without asking permission.)


Terri said...

The best thing about being a grown woman is that we get to choose what we want to spend out time on. You have found something that brings you great joy! That, in itself, is so valuable! Yay for you! Your sweet girls new look is gorgeous. What a dear little dress for her too!
Creating things with paper, paint, fabric, glue, glitter, lace...oh my...I love it all! it brings me joy!
Hugs and Happy Holidays!

Torisaur said...

Hi Rella! Happy holidays and congrats on your beautiful Cadence :) Tori

Betzie said...

Just wonderful them both so much...but I yearn to have my own little "Snow"...she speaks to my heart.
Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy your dolls! It's a fun hobby no matter the age...