After several requests came to make this photo into postcards
I did just that and they are available in my shop.

They come with white envelopes in case you wish to
protect them from the elements in mailing.
I have always loved postcards.  
Making them as individual pieces
of art and mailing, 
or having printed from digital photos.  

My favorite postcards arrive at random 
from my daughter
who makes art postcards and mails them to
family and friends.  
I have quite a collection now and love
each and every one.  

What I think I love most about postcards is that they are both
a bit of art to keep, and a tiny snippet of sentiment or life written on the back.  It doesn't take much to fill them up with thoughts...

and you can always just say "thinking of you" and that is enough when it comes to this size of mail.  It only takes a few moments to really make someone's day special.  
As we say goodbye to yet another month..........
I wish you a good, 
lastday of October..........
be safe 
don't eat too much candy!!!

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peggy gatto said...

So sweet, and delightful!!!
glad to see you post!