What I have been doing

Aside from the job
and the day to day of home and hearth...and rambunctious Maltese
I have been creating little dresses 
for the darling bjd Mouse 
Not just for my Musette
but for other Mouse sisters
Fine silk gauze
English cotton netting
silk ribbons
gathered in a basket
and I sit with Luli
and sew little dresses
and then dye them soft shades
of pink, blue, and lavender.

They are then boxed up 
like tiny presents
and sent on their way
 When I am not making tiny stitches on teeny tiny dresses
I work on the Big-headed dolls
pose them and take photos

So that is what I have been up to

as Summer has hit us full force

with triple digits

and winds that carry

the disturbing scent of wildfires.

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