Most everyone has 'been there'
Life as you know it turns on a dime

when this occurs you have a few choices
after the initial shock

You can shake it off, 
pull yourself up by your 'bootstraps'
(having been born in Montana, but not raised there, this must
be a phrase embedded through osmosis since I use it all the time)

Or you can allow yourself to remain paralyzed 
in fear and negativity.

Usually I stay in the above mentioned state...
for a bit.

Lose sleep, succumb to lurking maladies

A 'quiet freak out' mode, basically.

Then, I stop that nonsense 
as it is not terribly helpful

and the old 'bootstraps' are pulled.

I am looking at many things I have acquired 
over the past several years.

Most have brought me joy

Some were possibly(??) impulsive.

Regardless of the acquiring

I am taking stock and purging in a way.

This will help me financially,

and should I need to also move to a smaller abode,

it will be far easier to make that move....


AND, let's throw in that I sometimes 
watch the T.V. show


and declare to myself that if I make changes 


I will not be the next episode to air.

So that brings me to the crux of it all.

I will be offering items for sale

This (blogging) seemed like a good venue, 

although I will possibly have

to eventually use Etsy and Ebay 

for the larger audience.

First up for your consideration is quite precious

My Santos Cage Doll

click on any of the photos for a larger view
This stunning cage doll 
is a highly collectible reproduction
of the dolls that were used in religious processions...

typically in Spanish or Portuguese communities...

and they would be elaborately dressed
and would wear a crown.

These humble and gentle looking dolls 
would occupy a place of prominence 
in the home 
(of wealthy persons)

or in a chapel.  

Modern day collectors 
will often display them with precious objects
placed inside the skirt 'cage'

I have placed her on my fireplace mantle 
during the holidays

with twinkle lights wrapped in her skirt

and have placed various objects 
inside the skirt as well

She now sits in an alcove that I pass many times a day
and her sweet expression tells me: 

"It will be o.k."

I would love to keep this object of joy 
and encouragement....of course.

But I am a child of a very sensible upbringing 
that whispers...

"What good are 'things' 
if you need to pay your bills
or put gas in your car, etc.?"

Funny, how that voice sounds like my Dad!!

So I pulled up my boot straps, 
and took stock.

And I know that everything I put up for sale

will find a wonderful home.
And bring joy to someone else now.

....and I will be helping to ensure 
that the next chapter

of MY life, 

will be more secure.

Now the particulars:

From head to the bottom of her skirt 

she measures 31"
photo by Rella
Her head measure 8 1/2"
if you are inclined to fit her with a crown.

The rosary beads are not included 
in the price
as it is a very special vintage set 
hand made in Jersulam 

and I am sending them to my Father

who is at this moment in Yale New Haven Hospital
after fracturing his femur yesterday in a fall.

At 79 he simply will not stop 
climbing ladders to 'fix'
or clean things.

And shall I just say this is not his first mishap!!!

So if you have been longing for a Santos Doll
....or did not even know you were

...until this moment

or want to surprise someone at

I am setting her price at a savings

She is yours for $160
(Plus priority/insured shipping to your area.)
I can do PayPal
or you can contact me
to make other arrangements.
my e-mail button can be found
on my profile page

It brings me joy to know this sweet
doll is going to a wonderful home.


Anita said...

I have a few of these Santos Cage Dolls in my collection Rella...I love them!

Cinderella Moments said...

Oh my gosh Rella! What happened to you? I can't say I haven't been there many times throughout my life. The great thing about America is that you can make your way back to the top. I know God will help you get to a more plentiful time very quickly. Big hugs,
I'll post your Santos on my Facebook.

Rella said...
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Rella said...

Thank you Caroline. I am not sure if her new owner saw the listing on your Facebook, but regardless, you are precious to be so willing to help. I know the joy this Santos brought me will now bring equal joy to someone else.....and I am so happy about that.

xo Rella

La Dolce Vita said...

sheesh, you will NOT be on hoarders!!! xox

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

i wish my freak outs were a little more quiet..lol

great post

love nita

Marianne C. said...

Rella, You've been on my mind quite often. I'm sorry to hear you are in a tight spot at the moment...I understand more than you can know. But I know also that you will come through, and prayer works wonders. You are in mine. Expect the best.

If you wish, let me know when you post another item for sale, and I will mention it on Leisure Lane.

Awishdream said...

Lovely doll Rella, hope things are coming together for you and Jim.

Mel :)

Rhondamum said...

Had to pop over and check on you my dear Rella! I have been thinking about you so much. I am sorry you are dealing with these tough times, but I am continuing to send prayers your way and I just know that one day this chapter will be over for you and you will have a bigger smile on that beautiful face of yours. And I know it is beautiful, because I have seen it! If there is ever anything I can do, I am just an email or phone call away. Love you! xoxo Rhonda...