***Make sure you head down to the
radio on the right and shut off the
There is hauntingly
gorgeous music with this video.

How this artist inspired me to make over one of my Blythes.

Ahhhhhhhh, but which one???  
 Daria Bijoux (a Kozy Kape)
that already sports a hair cut??
or Lexi (a Pleasant Peasant)
with stunning, thick hair that I braided??

Don't you just love her little charglings??

They are tiny Madame Alexander dolls
that came in McDonalds Happy Meals!!!!!!

oh, except the one in the pink dress I altered
to give her a more Tim Burton feel.  :)

I love them both the way they are.........


you know what that means??


sassypackrat said...

Oh lovely! I want to re-do my Blythe but am too scared! Can't wait to see what you do with yours.

debi said...

Uh oh, Rella's on the hunt for a new Blythe! LOL

That video is gorgeous! You better not get me hooked on Blythe dolls now! hehe

Marianne C. said...

Rella, you are right on target...the music is beautiful. It romantically brings me back in time. The dolls are charming. I can see how you are so attached to them. I do like how you Burtonized the little one. Very clever and charming, indeed.

Have a glorious day,
Marianne xo

p.s. I am daily reminded by a lovely heart to 'let joy be my compass'.

Cinderella Moments said...

I love your Blythes! Don't change them they are gorgeous. Maybe you could get a new one to alter??


Awishdream said...

OMG! I love the You tube video! I love that Marie doll! where can I find one?!
Oh Rella your dolls are so darling and sweet! they are such fun! Thanks for sharing they make me smile!!
Hugs :)

Rella said...

Nice to 'see' you sassy...still not brave enough to change either of the two Blythes...may have to find another.......

Mel - that Marie doll is simply (not so simple) an altered Blythe. Her face up is awesome and I am sure the creator of the little slide show did the re-do. Check you tube for instructions on Blythe make overs..it's an amazing process.

Suz said...

oh, Rella,
I am listening in the dark and Jud is stirring with the music and I can't find my earphones so i had to turn it down...bummer! I love your little chargelings. When did McDonald's have itty bitty Madame Alexander dolls? Talk about special! I am a little queay tonight and your dolls made me smile!

Rhondamum said...

My comment just got erased. Shoot! I've been hypnotized! We should have a Marie Blythe club! I want one so bad! I love your dolls and the "Tim Burton" one is fab! I have a ton of those little Happy Meal dolls. Well, the girls do. Maybe I'll have to sneak a couple. I never thought about altering them like that. Oh no! What have you done to me? Help! xoxo R...