Little Chicks
Flickr photos
by Brook Owens

1. they love each other, 2. 10 day old Chickies!, 3. 10 day old Chickies!, 4. baby chicks!

Without my little chicks

Mother's Day would be just another Sunday.

Is there anything that compares to becoming a Mother?

Because I cannot think of one that even comes close

to the feeling of carrying a baby for a good portion of a year

and then holding them in your arms for the first time

and you are feeling the most amazing love 

as they grab your finger

and feel that softest baby skin
and kiss the tiniest pair of lips you've ever seen.

Then as the years fly by 

you watch as they develop into

amazing adults and people you enjoy talking to 

and being with.

So I want to wish all you Mothers, 

a very special day

of remembering 

and counting your blessings.

I happened to magically have three.

A perfect number.


debi said...

Ahhhh, sweet little chickies!

Happy Mother's Day Rella!

Suz said...

Beautiful, Rella. There is nothing like our own little chicks, is there? I will never forget those first moments and so enjoy my adult daughter. You expressed it all so beautifully and I love the real chicks!!!!

Claudia said...

A lovely post, Rella! Happy Mother's Day to you!


Marianne C. said...

Sweet little chicks...You put the amazing journey of motherhood perfectly, Rella. What an awesome experience in so many ways!

Hope you had a wonderful day,
Mariannne xo