Felting, jabbing, bleeding

After the little, felted bunny for my sister
I knew I just had to try a mouse

Since it was now my second felted project
I thought I might have fewer finger jabs

less bleeding

less pain

and I would say for the most part

that was true during the 'Mouse Adventure'

She has such personality
and I am quite fond of her, really.

So I am quite happy she is going off 
to a lovely and welcoming home...

and will have a name and a story all her own 
She did have one encounter 
during the photography session

A felted hamster...
(an Etsy find from a few years ago)

had to come and check her out.

So once  little Miss Mouse was done

I was reluctant to put my felting supplies away

and while watching T.V. last night

I pulled out a bit of wool.

Keep in mind that on the couch with me

was the very energetic Miss Luna Bella

who wanted nothing more than a mouthfull

of wool!!!

Several times she gleefully grabbed a wad

and ran to the corner of the couch

and I would have to wrestle it away from her.

Clearly she thought she hit 'pay dirt'


without having to rip a toy apart!!!!

Between the wool retrieving

and the glances up at the T.V.
(NOT something I recommend while felting)

....the jabbing and bleeding began

because I was determined to make a teensy bear..

a toy for a doll.

The almost finished product

with a few guides for size reference
and the torture tool of choice

the deadly felting needle!!!


Suz said...

She is wonderful! I adore her! I cannot believe this is only the second needle felting you have done!
Hooray for you!

Rella said...

Thanks, Suz.......it's quite fun to watch little critters come to life with fun personalities.

I wish you both a peace filled night.

xox Rella

Terri Gordon said...

Hello Rella, OMG, your mouse is just amazing. You did such a beautiful job on it. I hope your fingers are ok. Wow that bear is so small, beautiful work. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Terri

debi said...

Oh, what cuties! That needle does look like it could cause some pain! lol