Blogger ate my post from yesterday

you felted mouse

the teeny tiny felted teddy

gone, I tell ya..........

totally gone!!!

So I am replacing it for now 
with the latest
fashion shoot with Miss Lexi, 
her puppy
and a new 'Hello Kitty' case

*****Now a few hours later
the missing post
magically reappears!!


Suz said...

Bummer, Rella. I am having trouble with Google Reader. It seems to be erasing everyone's last entry (for me). I can see them on the reader but when I click onto the site, it's on the second to the last entry...gremlin! I would love to see your mouse!

Terri Gordon said...

Hello Rella, I was wondering what happened to your mouse, it was showing on my blog, but when I would click on it, it was not there. Oh I love your Blythe doll and of course her sweet puppy. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Terri

Marva said...

Don't you hate it when Blogger does that?! Your dolls are adorable! Is the Blonde an ADG?

Rella said...

Yes, Marva, Lexi is an ADG - Pleasant Pheasant. She has amazing hair.