Lately I find I grab my phone to take photos

rather than fumbling for my camera

it just seems to work for me

my phone is always near by

the photos are not bad

and I don't get odd looks from

drivers in the next lane

since everyone seems to have their phones out

so you are now wondering what the deal is

with the photo of the back of the truck...right?

well, this caught my eye

and I made one of those faces

you know...crooked mouth

one eye kind of closed

and the sound coming out of my mouth

is something like


except it sounds like Scooby Doo.......

and I am thinking...

how, exactly am I supposed to translate that??

Do I need to keep my distance....

because without warning the back of the truck

might suddenly crash down

and a man will then be thrown 

down on the road

or even more horrifying...

on the hood of my car??????????????


a bit later I was pulling into the parking lot

at work

and I notice this license plate

and while not a fan of vanity plates

there have been many that make me smile

or just laugh out loud
Sometimes I find myself following a car
that really puts my brain in high gear

trying to figure out what they are saying....

and it might be miles before I get it!!!!

but having the phone camera at the ready

helps capture these fleeting moments of entertainment......

and sometime........

I actually make calls with it!!!!


Linda said...

I can't find an email addy for you! Saw your comment on Suz' blog.... I'm debating the shingles vaccine...email me!!!

~*~Patty S said...

fun post and so interesting what pops up at us on a daily basis...very odd back of the truck warning indeed!

had to tell you sweet Rella that I thought of you while getting my acupuncture treatment today...you had done a post some time ago

whenever I'm on the table I think of doing a piece of art with needles and such...but then I float out the door and well you know ;)

Happy April
Happy Spring
Happy Happy Everything
Love saying that...

Marianne C. said...

LOL!! You are soo funny, Rella! Love it, and love your humor..

Keep loving Life and it will love you back!

Glorious day to you,

Abi said...

Hi Rella - this has been driving me nuts for the past 10 mins, since your etsy convo... I knew I recognised your profile picture, but couldn't figure out where from! ...and I apologize for not having replied to your quetsion yet, I am behind on blog convos :O(

To paint an off the shelf BJD, I sand her down, then use spray paint undercoat, and topcoat... any brand will work, I prefer matte though! Hope tht helps!

Terri Gordon said...

Hi Rella, This is such a funny post, love it. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Terri