Taken with my LG Dare phone on the way to work today


Back East I looked forward to the blooming of
the cherry trees, the apple trees, 
the dogwood and magnolia........

so many lovely colors and fragrances.

Of course, added to that was the delight of winter's end.

Here, we have different heralders of Spring.

There are wild flowers 

and brilliant, exotic cactus blooms.
All so gorgeous and stunning.

But one of the favorites reminds me 
of the Forsythia bushes back East.  

It seemed they were the very first bush 

or tree to shout  


although there were plenty of times
the sunshine yellow branches
were dusted with snow!!
 My childhood home had several up the drive
that actually belonged to our neighbor.  

I remember my Dad would get annoyed 

if the neighbor did not keep them trimmed 

as they certainly could get out of control

and spill over into the driveway, 

dropping the little yellow flowers.  

I always loved the fallen yellow blooms 
that looked magical.  

I still do....

except here they belong to the Blue Palo Verde tree.  

These babies can grow to 25 feet tall 

with a 25 foot spread. 

Its tiny leaves are cold and drought deciduous but, 

due to its blue-green color, 
it looks evergreen from a distance.

The Blue Palo Verde tree is 
naturally multi-trunked 
with a low hanging canopy 
and is native to Southern Arizona.

So on my way to work this morning, 

I stopped in the middle of the road

and took the shot above.

The cheerful trees against the deep blue sky

are actually shouting

"Turn the A/C on....

Triple digit temps are upon us!"

(although the past few days have been glorious)

Got to love the Southwest


Suz said...

Hi Rella,
What a nice post! i loved seeing the beautiful spring blooms in the Southwest, another area that I love. Here in Minnesota, we are bringing the forsythia's into the house and watching them bloom. The blossoms are magical! I am so ready for spring. Jud had his chemp this week and is very tired. We have friends here from out of town but they are staying in a hotel. I think it will be a relatively quiet but nice Easter.

Terri Gordon said...

Hello Rella, Oh the blue sky and green, how I am wishing for some of that right now and flowers, oh, I don't think spring will ever get here. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photo's with us. Happy Easter Rella! Hugs, Terri

Marianne C. said...

Hello Rella,

Your post is delightful. The desert, pink blooms are beautiful. I, too, miss the east and all its gorgeous array of temperate climate gems...Hydrangeas, daffodils, roses.
We can grow roses here in SE Texas, but fighting with our weather roses are forever fighting off mildew, aphids, spotted leaf, etc. But, I appreciate them anyway, and their determination to grow under such conditions.

Thank you for sharing...
Marianne xo