I am in total celebration of this sunny day
as it seems as if there has been more gray 
and rainy days since my first day off 
last Wednesday

I snapped a photo of the celebration 
as I stepped outside the house..
looking East/NE

as some of those mountains have a dusting 
of snow.

Sadly, I neglected to take my camera 
with me when I drove around town this morning,
as the mountains to the North have a beautiful
white covering.  

The air is brisk and in the low 50's.


Someone else is loving the day 
and has sought out
a little piece of sun for herself.

Stepping back inside 

I thought I would share this little
that is on the entry table.

My sister found her in the 75% off 
Christmas clearance.

She has stood there a few years
and although she holds a snowflake, 
I like to keep her up to greet us as we come in.
Look at those skinny, bony, knees.  
What a hoot!!

Now for an old project and a new one.

Some time ago, some of us in the 
Marie Antoinette Mail Art group
had a swap of supplies to make a doll. 

We all, then, were to fashion our own doll to keep.

Well, it has been an slow process to be sure.
However, two nights ago 
I finally gave her some hair.

At this stage it's a wild and crazy 'do'

So I wrapped some tulle 
to keep it a bit more tame

and once she is totally assembled 
and dressed, 
I will do my best to give her a proper hair style.

There is a layer lacquer on her eyes 
which is not obvious in this shot
but it helps them to glisten like they are real.

BTW: you will see a little video clip on the side
bar for Bella & Pip.
It's soothing sounds that I turn on
after turning off the music button first
when Bella & Pip get too noisy in here.
It's like Finch Valium.
They quiet right down and sit next to 
each other and do their love preening.
So cute.

The new project 
has actually been the catalyst for a new blog

I am (crossing my fingers and hoping I can) 
putting together a 1:12 dollhouse

that will be called Faerie Tale Cottage 
which is also the name of the new blog.  

The reason for the blog is to chronicle 
the whole process. 

In the world of miniatures and those creating 
little houses, I found I love it when you can 
see the whole process without sorting through the entire blog.

So over at Faerie Tale Cottage, you will see the good, the not so good, the challenges, 
and the fun of it all.  

I will also have many links to many miniature

and miniature shopping. (of course)
Just in case you want to join in on 

another obsession.

Mr. J. brought me home a folding banquet table
that I set up behind the couch in the living room.  

Over the table I draped a giant white sheet.  
Not only to cover the table, 
but to help hide the box of supplies
that will no doubt be under the table.  

Of course, as with anything else in the
house, brat cat believes I have created 
another place for her...a place to hide.

This is the 'construction pile'.......daunting!
And these are the directions...
the pretense of ease of construction.
Have I ever mentioned that I am not one 
to read and follow directions?

I prefer to look at photos or just simply jump in 
do what seems to make sense, and hope for the best.

MOST of the time it works.


Claudia said...

Very excited about your dollhouse! I can't wait to watch the progress. Mine has slowed a bit while I'm busy working in the city, but I look at it every day while I'm blogging, so I am reminded to get back at it!


Suz said...

I think you just posted while I was on your last post! That was fun!

I adore your doll's hair. Just love it!

I am going to see your dollhouse, too. I have always been worried that little dollhouses could become another addiction. I have way too many of them!

Hope you are still relaxing, Rella!


Terri said...

I am so glad you are enjoying the weather on your break. What a delightful Monday you are having!
I love your little greeter, she is soooo adorable! As is your sweet kitty. I would lay in the sun spot too if I could get back up off the floor ; )
Ah, the box is open!!! And just look at all those pieces!

debi said...

Your greeter doll is adorable. How fun to come home to her!

I love your MA doll, can't wait to see her finished. She has such a beautiful face and I know she will be gorgeous!

I love, love your new blog! And I LOVE your dollhouse. I have one that I assembled probably 15 years ago, and have STILL never finished. Between you and Claudia, I hope to be inspired enough to finally finish it. Maybe I need to post a pic of it so everyone can see my shame. Maybe that would inspire me! lol

tony said...

so much to address here !

Congrats on new project of dollhouse and I am going straight to new blog right after i check out the Finch Valium on the sidebar !

Your doll is GORGEOUS !

and I love that Greeter.

Hi Pia and YAY for SunSHINE and time offffff ! xo- S.

tony said...

detoured to your ETSY shoppe

and found that little faerie house - DARLING !!!

Marianne C. said...

Rella, how exciting! A new blog and faerie cottage, beautiful weather, sunny - just perfect!

I'm looking forward to it's progress.
And your sculpted fairies are beautiful. It's so much fun to see all your delightful talent.

Have a happy day,

La Dolce Vita said...

wow another blog and a doll house! amazing!! so exciting! I use those tables in my studio too and yes the sheet really does hide the storage!! doggies like prowl under there for interesting smelly tidbits!! smoochlets

Terri Gordon said...

Hi Rella, First I love your beautiful doll, I can't wait to see her dressed in all her glory. Thanks for sharing your neighborhood and your beautiful cat, our dog does the same thing, finds the sun every day that it is shining. Wow your doll house is wonderful. I can't wait to watch you create it. It is a lot of work, but I know you will love doing it and putting your heart into it. Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Terri

Rhondamum said...

I love the face on your doll! She is gorgeous and I can't wait to see her when she is all done. And I look forward, also, to seeing your new project in the works. I would be a nervous wreck. Another thing we have in common, I never read directions. Just doesn't work with the way my brain thinks. I'm sure it will turn out amazingly well! xoxo R...

Createology said...

How fun to find your blog while I was visiting with Terri of Artful Affirmations. I adore your beautiful lace heart you made for Terri. Happy sunshine and the hope of Spring and Birdies Singing...