The bliss of being home

Another magical night has begun 

Only twinkle lights on the mantle

and flickering candles

light the house

as I plan what I shall do the rest of the evening

without care for bedtime or wake time.

Four more glorious days are ahead

of this little vacation from the Desk of Drama

with JOY as my compass

I am surrounded by projects and items 

that are just beautiful

in the midst of that is a little collection

that THIS dear gal sent me 

to add to my creative time this week

as a little thank you 
for the latest Gala held

at Marie Antoinette Mail Art group.

She is so gracious.

Luscious papers, rolled and tied with ribbon
and gorgeous lace wrapped around her beautiful tag
and two packages of printed and stamped pieces of fabric

 All of this arrived a few days ago

and I still cannot bring myself to untie or open 

because it's so beautiful as is!!

Terri always does her packages like this

whether they are swaps or purchases 

from her Etsy shop

or just little surprises

Always, done carefully, and beautifully

Always like gifts.

Thank you, my friend.


debi said...

Oh, aren't packages from Terri just the best?!!!
Enjoy your DOD free days and treat yourself to lots of rest and creative goodness!

Terri said...

Oh how wonderful...all this relaxation time! I am so happy for you.

Terri's gift to you is so very lovely and generous! Each item is inspiring to look at.

I am sure you are having a lovely time at home with yourself and your creative materials.

Terri Gordon said...

Hi Rella, You are so welcome,Rella you are just too sweet, I am so happy that you have some time off, I hope you have some time to create some beautiful art. Have a wonderful week Rella. Hugs, Terri

Cinderella Moments said...

What are you doing with those gorgeous papers? Everything is beautiful. I'm glad you've had a nice rest.

Marianne C. said...

I'm so glad you are getting some deserved relaxation time. Terri has given you such beautiful items.
I know what you mean about not wanting to unwrap them.

Keep being good to yourself, and have a great day.


Suz said...

Oh, my, Rella,
That is an incredible package! Terri really does do beautiful packages! I have been looking at them and looking at them (you also did a great job photographing them!)

Enjoy your days of rest, Rella. I know how those days of work can drain you. I am glad they are in the past!