Two dear friends and members of 

Marie Antoinette Mail Art

surprised me with MAIL LOVE on my birthday

Is there anything more uplifting than a package at the door??


TWO packages at the door!!!

Totally spoiled was I

after having the balloons, 

the cake, 

the flowers from son and DIL,

hand made post card from little bird 

along with a new bulletin board, a special box for my 'stuff'
and skully socks

AND lots and lots of e-mail love... 

AND phone calls.

I was a pretty happy Birthday Girl

Then the mail arrived.

First there was the box from Melanie

and inside was 

a box!!

Not just any box, but an altered cigar box
(she knows I love cigar boxes!!)

And what a beauty it was!!

When you open it this is under the lid

and inside....fabrics and laces, flowers, 
and embellishments galore.

All things that hoarding faeries love

in order to create lovely pieces

Thank you, Melanie for bringing such beauty to my day..big hugs.

The second box was from Terri

I was perplexed 

because she had already sent me 

this lovely  fabric piece earlier

 inside the latest swap we had 
over at Marie Antoinette Mail Art
with a note for a Happy Birthday....

So when I opened the tissue paper and found this!

I was speechless.

for a nano second

then I think I said something like:

"Oh myyyyyyyy goooodddnnnessssss!!!!"

because Miss Terri had sent me 

ANOTHER of the Limoges, two handled cups

telling me that now I could have tea with my daughter!

How precious is that??  

Oh I love these tea cups.

The first one I won during our Halloween Gala 

online at our group

What fun we had.

And now, I have the twin!!

 But that was not all!!

No, inside was a most stunning pouch 

hand crafted by Terri

her special work I would recognize anywhere.

And inside was this amazing necklace she made for me.

With Topaz stones that are my birthstone.......

AND Terri's.
We are both Scorpios
 Here is the close up of the gorgeous Bee

which has special meaning as I am quite smitten 

with the amazing characteristics of the bee

AND as Queen Bee of Marie Antoinette Mail Art group........

Terri, Melanie, and Rhonda are my three 'Helper Bees' 

and that is how I often refer to them......

the darling helper bees

and darling they are as I could not possibly manage an online group without them

 And this necklace fits beautifully.  

It is perfect in every way 

and the first time I wore it I received

so many compliments and questions about where I got it.  

It is a fun story to tell.

Thank you, Terri, for adding such beauty to my special day.

And that is the story of MAILLOVE

What a wonderful birthday I had.


Marianne C. said...

Rella, I am very happy to hear you had such a remarkable, ecstatic day!
AND what beautiful gifts! Such talent making such beauty! You are blessed with good friends....

Here's to more blessed days ahead.

Joanne Huffman said...

Belated Happy Birthday. Your gifts are treasures and all quite beautiful and thoughtful.

Cinderella Moments said...

I love your gifts! You're a lucky girl!!

Terri said...

Oh Rella, I am so glad you received these wonderful gifts! What a treat.
You do have very special helper bee's, that is for sure!

Terri Gordon said...

Hello Rella, What a beautiful post, I am so happy that you had such a wonderful Birthday, you deserve it. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Terri

I enjoyed making your necklace and I am glad that you like it.