In the midst of doing several other things

I did what I always do.........start yet another project.

In packaging up a box that is leaving for a 


I decided to add a little gift

and got my Button Faerie Supply Box out
(gosh, I think my first button faerie was in many
have flown off hither and yon.)

........and decided it was so much fun, 

I will need to make more

So, it's officially 

bUtToN fAeRiE tImE

Even though it should be 

1. Finish up boxing old art supplies - time
2. sort through tons of art books and magazines - time
3. laundry - time
4. dusting - time
5. clear another path through STUFF - time

IS there a cure for Adult Onset Art Distraction Disorder???

Shall I start the meeting????


Lori Saul said...

Love your beautiful button fairy- she is vintage enchantment!

Joanne Huffman said...

Button Fairy Time is sooo much better than those other times - obviously, time well spent. Your fairy is a delight.

debi said...

LOL!! AOADD must be a common ailment, I have it, and know others who also have it. LOL

Cute post Rella.

Love the sweet button faerie! Cute, cute!

Marianne C. said...

I agree with Joanne! You just were 'in spirit'...also known as inspiration. And look at what a lovely button fairy you created! Just think, she wouldn't exist had you continued boxing and sorting things. Definitely time worth spent. Looking forward to seeing more.

~*~Patty S said...

LOL your button fairy is precious and so so pretty!

I too seem to enjoy playing when perhaps I could be cleaning or cooking or .... it feels like being in touch with my inner teenager sometimes LOL

I say let the button fairies roll...


Laura Haviland said...

Oh the Button Fairy is so precious.. I love her.
I really enjoy your great blog posting, what a treasure you are.
Truly a pleasure to visit your awesome blog.
Wishing you lots of special Rella quiet moments.
Thinking of you, Hugs Laura. xoxx

Joanna Rowan Mullane said...

Oh I so love your Button Faeries! I proudly display mine that you gifted to me in my studio! Just wanted to say hello sweet friend and tell you I miss you!
Have a beautiful day,