I had a childhood and into adulthood friend

that kept a little notebook in her bag at all times.

When she heard about a good book, out came the notebook

and her pen to jot down the new title and author.

I don't remember how it came to be that I saw this little book

of hers, but spy it I did one day as she explained how it came to be.

I was enthralled by all the pages of titles, and how many had been crossed out.

Successes.. some with several stars which I perceived
to be her rating system.

I have long since created many lists of my own.........and lost most of them.

What IS it about lists in my possession??

I love to make them........and apparently, quite quickly, lose them...

only to find the scrap of paper month, years later in a pocket or one of my

many bags I tote to and from work.

lists, along with poetry.......words to a song....names of artists.

Quite clearly I collect lists.

My dear children's legacy when I end this journey.

Over the weekend another dear and newer friend in my life told me of a great book.

I wrote it down and left home without it. (of course!)

Fortunately I was able to retrieve the e-mail on my phone while at the book store...

but no luck as it is out of print.

Goodness, I am not one to be discouraged at first try!!

Home I arrive and bolt to the computer to Amazon and order it up.

used, but promising to be in excellent condition.

As I eagerly await the new read, I think of a series that I loved.

So I will share it here for YOUR list. In case you have not had the pleasure.

The author: Joan Anderson

Title: A Year By The Sea
Thoughts of an unfinished woman.

The first chapter = Ebb Tide (September)

Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart

and try to love the questions themselves.

Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be

given you because you would not be able

to live them. And the point is to live everything.

Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then

gradually, without noticing it, live along some

distant day into the answers.

~ Rainer Maria Rilke
(Letter to a young poet)

Tell me, how can you not be pulled in with that first page?

This is a beautiful book as is An Unfinished Marriage and A Walk On The Beach.

I recommend all three... and in this very order.



Suz said...

I also loved this book. I read it several years ago. Jud does clinical hypnosis and I think she was married to the king of clinical hypnosis, Milton Erickson. Or else I just got up!!! It was a lovely book!!!
I loose those scraps, too. I just lost the whole list of what we need to take to Croatia and Prague (leaving Sunday). But I am forever making lists. Not book lists, though, and I have always been a reader. I must start one!

Claudia said...

Rella, thanks for the recommendation! I'm always in search of books - I keep a list in my head and occasionally, on paper.

I had a friend years ago who was the most avid reader I have ever known. He had a notebook in which he recorded every book he read with the date he started, finished and a comment about it.

I often wish I had done the same thing.


Terri said...

Rella, this is a lovely post. I too make lists, some I loose and some I manage to keep. I always find it interesting to come across an old list, even an old grocery list. What was I eating and cooking back then? Sometimes I am surprised. Sometimes I find torn pieces of paper I have saved somewhere, for some reason I thought very important at the time, filled with half sentences, mysterious phone numbers (for Sue, who is Sue?), titles and even a drawing or two of an inspired art project. I like lists. Even more, I love crossing things off lists!

Thank you for the book recommendation. I will certainly look for it.


La Dolce Vita said...

I will look for that book for you! smoochlets : )

Anonymous said...

The name of your blog caught my eye! I am a fairy lover and my cat's name is Luna.....I am so glad i checked you out...your blog lives up to it's fabulous name!!