The excitement of my Friday night date.

Yes, I look forward to Friday night for two wonderful reasons.

Like most of you, I celebrate the end of the work week.

The blissful days of delicious peace home at the nest

and away from cRaZy

But it is a double dip delight for this gal


NOOOOOOO, not an evening out with Mr. J.

THAT would send me over the moon with giddiness

The date I am speaking of is my trip to Whole Foods

My pathetic love affair with the wonder

of gorgeous vegetables and fruits

up and down, taking it all in...

filling up my cart with organic goodness

that I will need for the week.

Including everything I will need

to make the 'nectar of heaven'......

THE ultra broth

Which is a love fest in and of itself come Saturday morning.

As I write this,

I have.....not one........but two pots of deliciousness

lightly simmering on the stove

And in the oven....

a beautiful mix of parsnips, carrots, acorn squash,

shallots, & garlic drizzled with olive oil

and a light sprinkle of celtic sea salt and fresh rosemary.

This will be my accompaniment to whatever protein

I choose this evening.

Tofu or beans I suspect.

And the fragrance wafting through the kitchen is practically nirvana

Yes, Lynnie.........I am loving the kitchen smelling so wonderful!!

(that, alone, would make some in my circle say "Who ARE you and where is Rella)

It's been three weeks of Dr. Mark Hyman's detox regimen

and I feel fantastic!!

I still battle the wonky knee thing that can ache like crazy at night

but even that is improving each night.

The arthritic inflammation in my hands/fingers is gone.

I can open bottles and jars without the help of Mr. J.

The strength returned...this is major

And that is just ONE wonderful outcome.

The most amazing change is not evident in the physical

It is what has taken place in my head...... thought process

I view food and everything that goes into my body as 'medicine'

and because I am not craving the old comfort foods

my focus is strictly - nourishment and health.

How can you go wrong with these suggestions from Dr. H.


As he proposes these questions for you to pose

to yourself as you journal


1. What can I do today to truly take care of my body?

2. What can I do today to truly take care of my spirit?

3. What toxic food/idea/behavior can I do without today?


1. What worked for me today?

2. What can I improve on tomorrow?

3. What symptoms improved today?

4. What did I notice about how I am feeling?

5. What did I learn today on the program that I can carry with
me into the rest of my life?

When a doctor is a proponent of caring for you body, mind, and spirit

how can you go wrong?


Anonymous said...

Yay! Good for you! Enjoy all that wonderful yumminess cooking in your kitchen today!

Anonymous said...

Well, I for one, am super impressed by your passionate dedication to becoming the owner of a healthy body. You go girl!! I AM having trouble beleiving that you are actually enjoying the smell of food in your house!!!! Maybe you are enjoying it because it is GOOD food and medicine to nourish your body and spirit. Too bad you don't have time to add YOGA to your new lifestyle..........I know you would love it and embrace it. Keep up the good work.
Audra Mae

debi said...

I'm so happy to hear that you're feeling so good! Yay!!!

Katsui Jewelry said...

My first thought was laughing at how funny you are, talking about your date night. My second was your love affair with Whole Foods. They are wonderful and I love going there except for one thing...they have the most beautiful delicious cupcakes in the world and I am totally addicted to them. I almost can't stop there.
That sounds like a great program and I am go glad your arthritis inflammation is better. My hub and I have cut out sugar and eating tons of vegetables and fruit and lean protein (South Beach) and are feeling better, too.

Terri said...

Yea for you! I love hearing about how good you feel : )
And yum yum...I would love to come over and taste all your delicious medicine!
Hugs of healing love,

Joanne Huffman said...

I have to admit, as much as I think your new regime is wonderful, my primary reaction to your post is envy over the fact that you have a local Whole Foods - the nearest one to me is slightly over 90 miles.

Terri Gordon said...

Oh Rella, What a wonderful post, and I can just imagine the wonderful smells coming from your kitchen. I so happy to hear you are feeling so much better, that is wonderful. Have a wonderful Sunday. Hugs, Terri

Rella said...

Thank you all for your visits..and yes, Audra Mae...Yoga will no doubt enter the picture once I can totally bend the wonky knee...and Joanne, I feel your pain about the lack of WF in your area...I can't imagine NOT having one. We have three (one very old) within 15 either way that I know of. The one I go to is 18.5 miles from the house...but only 10 from the office. So once a week I just tack on 20 more driving miles. I would be hard pressed to do 90.

xox Rella

One Crabapple said...


Go Rella !

this is FABULOUS

And you DID IT !

Three WEEKS !

thats AweSOME

Just beaming and sososososooso Happy For You !