Greetings to all of bloglandia on this sunny,
102 in the shade Saturday.

Yes, 102.

I look at that thermometer on my North facing window

in amazement

and fear.

('they' say it will be 112 on Monday!)


But that is not the reason for my post today.


I have Cat Tales

Fish Tales

and project sharing.

That almost sounded like the beginning of a Dr. Seuss story,

didn't it?

First the Cat Tales

Looking so nonchalant,

almost innocent, here in front of the gazing mirror

I am here to tell you she is neither!!!

because when I came into the computer room

to dreamtravel this morning

I could NOT


The mouse, (and I don't mean the four-legged kind) would not budge.

That crazy little curser
(do you wonder why they called it I knew!!)

stayed exactly in the same spot no matter how many times I slammed it against the mousepad.


walking around to the front of the desk and looking down to the cord connection


SHE has been at it again!!!

Yes, this is what she did while I slept last night.

Let me give you the lowdown on what this feline has ruined
and I will spare you the total $$$

Three mouse cords
one computer power cord
two cell phone charger cords.
one extension cord.

Do you see a pattern here??

It's all about cords.

The harder to replace and more expensive...the better.


But today before I went into a tailspin (pun intended)

I remembered a cordless mouse I received from a benefit gift bag

several months ago.

Yipppeeeee........One less CORD to be in danger.

Now, an update on my other, quieter and well behaved pet


This was taken yesterday with my phone camera as he stared at me while I worked

he loves me. At least that is what I tell myself.

and that is him slightly puffing out his side fins preparing to 'fight'
as the camera comes in close.

He hasn't grown much, but he is doing really well there at the Desk of Drama

and I took the photo so that my friend Cat
(not the 4-legged brat here)
could see
that our little guy was doing really well.

Spike sends his love, my friend. xox

O.K. now for what I've been up to when not at the DESK.

This was a sneak peek for the
Something Old, Something New


that was held over at A Swap for all Seasons

My partner was Tania and I gathered the required

Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

items and wrapped, ribboned, and placed in a pretty box
and off it went.

It was quite fun to put it all together
and it was the first time I joined in over

at Linda's blog.

In the middle of that I was creating a closet.

A little closet to be exact.

For the Marie Antoinette Mail Art group. I hostessed a swap called:

Her Royal Closet.

We were to use a hinged box and create our interpretation of Marie Antoinette closet.

It was a one for one swap and we knew who our partners were
which is always fun.

It's nice to make for each other.

My partner, Debi, love, love, loves pink.

So pink I did!

I painted the closet in layers of gold and pink with a little blue stippling
then began to fru-fru the front, top, sides and back.

Could that birdie BE any glitzier?!
She even has a rhinestone
studded crown!

Then the fun REALLY began

on the inside front I layered a parlor image,

Marie in her nightgown holding


and two other kitties kitting on a sofa.

The chandelier is a fabulous miniature I was given
and it worked perfectly.

Darling little crystals hanging freely from it.

The curtain valance is fashioned from my favorite pink dupioni silk
and I used a box-pleat technique to keep it rather formal.

Marie also holds a long stem, paper rose.

The other and deeper side was even more fun

I cut a piece of balsa wood and covered it with the same paper
that backed the closet. Don't you just love that rose paper?!

and that became a shelf to hold her fan, a vase of paper roses,
a little perfume
bottle created from a silver bead
and tiny crystal tear drop,

a necklace made from tiny freshwater pearls and a small blue sapphire,

and a silver birdcage I've had for a few years that has a free swinging bird inside.

Below the shelf is a gown that is being created and still on the 'mannequin'

lace, ribbon and silk chiffon..and bit of sparkle and a teeny, tiny, bird nest.

to the right of the dress is a small wooden chest of course, and inside it holds pink marabou for a future hat and a golden crown.

I can tell you that the other closets that have been created in this
swap are over the top gorgeous

and this is by far, the most beautiful and fun swap I've ever participated in...

Most of us are planning another closet to do just for fun.

I have not opened the closet that Debi sent me as of yet.
because I want it to be a surprise

and since she is on vacation and awaiting MY closet, I wanted to wait until she got home.

There is fun in the anticipation for me.
I know many would have ripped that box open

the moment it arrived..

......but this is one of my little quirks.

So that's it my friends. And now I must go check on the ever naughty, princess of the nest

that ball of black fur.........because I am sure she is up to no good!!!



Claudia said...

Oh my, Rella! First of all, let me say that your closet is extraordinary! Debi will be thrilled with it.

Your kitty is naughty indeed, but you can't help but love pets even though they get into trouble!

Love, love your beautiful fish.


Debby said...

RElla, you are cracking me up. That bad kitty and his cords. I like the cordless mouse idea. Love your sweet little water friend how fun. I loved playing the all seasons swap, the package you sent looks amazing! But oh my, your closet art is just gorgeous. All the little bits and pieces and detail. WOW!!!! You are so creative, love seeing your art.

Rella said...

Thank you, Claudia and Debby...and by the way, the Royal Closet was an inspired idea after receiving YOUR gorgeous Sister's Closet a few years ago...and a photo of it is showcased over at Marie Antoinette group..mentioning you as my YOU started it Ms. Debby!!! :)

xox Rella

Joanne Huffman said...

It's ALL good; well, not the cat and cord thing; but everything else. The closet is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Oh no - that's way too hot? How can you stand it?
Naughty kitty, cute fish, but OhMyOhMy the closet is amazing. Gorgeous details and it's so, so pretty!!!
Well, stay cool however you can!

debi said...

112???!!!! I would DIE! I think it hit about 80 today, and I'm ready to pass out! lol

Love the naughty kitty story...that's too funny! Of course, I wouldn't be laughing if it was MY cords. *sigh*

I can't wait til my closet gets here. I just keep going back in and looking at the pics. It's soooo gorgeous!!

I have a question. Hubby was wondering what part of AZ you live in.
Have a great week...I hope you don't melt.
Hugs, Debi

Lori said...

Rella, i don't know how you can bear that heat...i would melt away...i am cracking up over the antics of your kitty...what a stinker...LOL...the closet you made is SO gorgeous!!! your partner is a lucky girl!!!

Katsui Jewelry said...

Oh Rella. Those are incredible swaps!!! What a naught kitty, though. Does make me laugh a little1!!

Romeo said...


I have just found your blog and LOVE this post!

So it's a cord fetish, eh? Probably the same obsession that causes my brofur to chew off the tails of mousies (toy). Purrsonally, I think he's a kitty from the future where everything is cordless and this is like a wonderful distant dream that has come true - rubber mouse tails!

Your fish is very handsome and I can assure you that the great furry one would do well to stay away from him. If that's the look he gets with the camera, I'd bet if your great furry one or myself (also a great furry one) came near the tank there might emerge something from a nightmare. We might not fare too well.

And as for the closet - absolutely beautiful according to "her" (that's my pet human). The detail and dedication are apparent and I am certain that your friend will be very happy to have received this gift/swap from you! Well done. But do tell, how would a cat hid in there? That is what closets are for, isn't it??!?!

Hope you are having a wonderful Monday!


Romeo and "her"

Anonymous said...

Hi Rella!

i just came over from debi's blog...and just wanted to tell you how beautiful your swap gift to her was....

i love everything you did...the dress..the chandelier..the crown..the feathers...the entire closet!

be au ti ful!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Anonymous said...

I'm now following...come by anytime and see me too...

i'll be sure to leave my screen door open for you, just come right on in! hehe

oh and, my dog, when she was a mere pup...chewed our speaker wires...yikes! so I know how you feel...but a mouse is probably worse, yes!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

La Dolce Vita said...

oh naughty kitty! but goood Spike! he looks great and I do think he loves you!