Continuing on with the theme of Dreamtravel

I visited several more blogs and Flickr photos yesterday

and I must share a vision that took my breath away

Pink Snow!!!

Well, not really snow, but a shower of cherry blossom flowers

that added up to 'pink snow'

and in a instant I flashed to a memory that is dear:

I had wanted a weeping cherry tree for several years

I would swoon and sigh every time, (out on a drive) my husband and I would pass one.

I made my desire known to him,
which is something I did not do that often

...actually ask for something.

My upbringing I guess.

One of six children and the oldest,
you learn early on that it might be difficult
for your Mom & Dad to give you all the things you desired

so you kept the requests for ONLY the things that you really,


REALLY loved.

Such was the case of the weeping cherry tree.

And every Spring, I made my desire known to the husband.

One Mother's Day my dream was fulfilled MUCH to my delight.

The traditional Mother's Day breakfast.
(laughing over the clatter and chatter of the Dad and children making this feast)

was accompanied by cards the little birds made
many I still have....

and then...the object of my long desire
was pointed out to me in our yard.....

....my beloved weeping cherry tree.

Now, many years later,

and living far, far from the more gentle climes of Connecticut

I once again desire the cherry blossoms
but I must DREAMTRAVEL to have my 'fix'

The delightful photos from Sandy of mylulabelles brings me back to that sweetest
of Mother's Days, and my beloved weeping cherry tree.


Katsui Jewelry said...

That is sooo beautiful, Rella! I would love to see a real one some time but until then, I will Dream Travel!


Debby said...

This is a beautiful post, Rella. I love, love that pink snow.

Joanne Huffman said...

I never knew what a weeping cherry tree was until I bought the house I live in now; there's one in my front yard and I love it.

Meri Wiley said...

Hi Rella,

I too have a love affair with Cherry trees. My first marriage, in Germany, in April of 1980 I got a picture of my husband and I coming back from the Courthouse in Essen West Germany, standing under one of the biggest cherry tree's I've ever seen, and it was raining cherry blossoms.........

What a sight to behold, I was speechless in the shadow of it's massive beauty, the ground all around us covered in cherry blossom snow.....just breathtaking. Sorry to say, my first marriage only lasted 18 years, but thankfully that memory, of the tree, will be with me forever.


Furniture movers said...

It's an enchanting sight.Cherry blossoms are my favorite. Thank you for sharing those photos. It's beautiful.

Lovey said...


Awishdream said...

Rella~ love the new look of your blog so pretty! and the Closet you made for Debi is so charming! love the cherry blossom tree with all that pink snow everywhere!

Melanie :)