Along side the cactus,

on rock covered front and back yards

we experience the falling of leaves

when the weather turns a tad chilly.

There are deciduous trees here at faerieluna.

Several types of fig trees, to be exact.

Their ginormous leaves turn brown and

literally 'crash' to the ground.

It can be startling in the middle of the night!!

But the leaves that I love the most

are from the Bougainvillea bushes.

I can count on their cheery presence 365 days a year.

How amazing is that?

There are folks who grumble about the falling leaves...

blowing into their yards....

their pools.

I have never been one of them.

What is not to love about these glorious falling leaves?

and the sweetest thing is the flower within.

Tiny, white and precious.

How magical are these?

....and to view some more beauty

may I encourage you to visit a stunning blog

and get to know Anna

A beautiful soul.

Wishing you a beautiful, magical day.

xox Rella


theresa martin said...

Such pretty pictures!!!

La Dolce Vita said...

magical post!

Sharon said...

Your red leaves are magical indeed carrying their little white flower. Oh my to have them 365 days would be joyous.